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Does anyone know or can anyone take an educated guess when the BBC will start filming season 4 of Torchwood?

My box from Forbidden Planet containing my wave 2 TW figures remains unopened. It's become a sort of a symbol now and I shall only open it once I have gained complete acceptance of you-know-what.

I will keep you updated on Ianto's Box as my mental state becomes less and less questionable. Yep, I am definitely still in the realms of Insane, but I'm starting to slide back into the less volatile region of Crackers. I finally got around to reading Battle for the Cowl and I've decided that Damien is fantastic. I've always liked him even though he is a dangerous little shit, but I think he's going to make a fascinating and fun Robin. See? Crackers.

Also, I got bored with watching Smallville season 6, so I decided to re-watch season 1 of NCIS. I really need to picspam Tony's hair. And the Iguana scene.

Emo Time )

(I'm aware that I owe one billion and eight emails to various people and I shall answer them all tomorrow, I pwomise!)
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GRRR stuff, sniffly stuff and fandom stuff (Mind the CoE) )

EDIT: I've just met our new gardener. Holy strimming implements, he's hot!!
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I have period pain and no hot water or heating. The Housing trust were informed that my grandfather is slowly developing hypothermia six hours ago when I contacted their emergency out-of-hours service. I phoned them again an hour ago and they had no record of my original call.

No wonder so many elderly people literally freeze to death. No one gives a fuck, do they?

I like things in threes so I feel I must find something else to moan about aside from the heating and the period pain. Let me think. Okay, I am hungry and I can't start the Sunday Roast without any hot water to wash it up after and knowing my luck, the engineer will turn up right in the middle of things and I'll burn my roasties.


Dec. 6th, 2008 06:56 pm
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Firstly, thank you to [ profile] writan_bur for my Christmas card. My first! It's lovely and you're a darling. MWAH!

My collector's edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard arrived yesterday. Oh my god, it's absolutely beautiful and worth every penny I spent on it. Merry Christmas, me. I shall take a couple of pictures and post them when I have more time, because the pictures on Amazon just don't do it any justice at all.

Work was boring today, apart from an impromptu experiment to find out what would happen if someone were to slip on a banana skin. I dropped said skin and D took a flying leap at it, nearly broke his neck and left an icky skid mark on the office carpet which is slowly turning brown and which we shall both deny all knowledge of.

Indy stole a giant Galaxy bar from my handbag in the early hours of this morning and ate the lot. Grandad kept a close eye on him while I was at work and he's fine, no ill effects. I have explained to my naughty doggy, in a soothing tone and while tickling his ears, that next time he sticks his nose in my handbag, he'll find a yummy mousetrap.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

I have more eggies, but not so much as a crack in them! Helps!
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It was such a lovely day today I decided to take Indy on an extended walk down to the local lakes. He had a fabulous time bounding, sniffing, swimming etc. Weird how I came home wetter though. Huh ...

Wanna see pics? I took these on my camera phone so they're a bit pants.

Swim, my little black friend )
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The bulb in my desk lamp just blew. I'm going to have to buy a new one. A new lamp, I mean. As much as love my little purple friend, it time to let it rest; I'm sure the wires sticking out from the base can't be good.

My god, I lead an exciting life!

In other Suki-related news, I've just completed a Carers' survey for Mole Valley District Council and the University of Surrey, which was a bunch of bollards. Some of the questions were leading, some were ambiguous and unclear, some didn't have appropriate check boxes, and the others were just the same question over and over. I swear, I never want to write the words 'peace of mind' again. Grrrr. Anyway, I've declined to be interviewed on the basis that the questionnaire was stupid and it would be a waste of my very precious time.

On the bright side, my aunt is coming to visit on the same weekend that I'm at Writercon. Yay! That takes an enormous amount of pressure off me. Grandad will be looked after on the Saturday and the Sunday. I would be in shock that a member of my family is helping us out, but I fear tis only due to coincidence. Still, I'll take what I can get.
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I've just signed up for another creative writing course with the Open University. It's a level up from the one I did and passed earlier in the year. That course was a short 10 pointer, which I managed easily enough (although I did get struck down with writer's block just before the last assignment). This course is a little different, though. It's 60 points and that's a fuck of a lot of hard work.

For those of you that don't know, the Open University offers degrees on a points-based system. The amount of points needed varies from degree to degree, but you're generally looking at about 300 points upwards to obtain one. Courses are 10, 30 or 60 points each. I originally started towards a Natural Sciences Degree, and had my points linked to that, but I'm definitely drifting more towards Humanities now. Consequently, I've changed the qualification that my points are linked to and I'm now going for a BA/Bsc Open Degree, which basically means I can take whatever course I want, at the appropriate, stated levels, and I'll get either a BA or a Bsc depending on whether my degree is weighted more by the Sciences or the Humanities.

So far I've got 70 points from the sciences and just 10 from Humanities. I'm thinking I'll sway towards the Humanities, generally, as the 60 point science course I did nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown. Chemistry and physics at degree level is no fucking joke. ~curses the Maths~

I was going to wait until next year to start this new course, firstly because it's such a lot of work and secondly because the course fee is huge, but then I discovered it only runs once a year and not twice as I'd expected. That would have meant waiting until next September. So I thought fuck it, why not? I'm not rolling in money now, but I might be even worse off in a year.

All I know is that I want to write, I want to learn and I want to make something of myself. I know I've got a long way to go. I still make stupid mistakes and newbie errors in my writing, but I am able to acknowledge that and take steps to improve. I have no idea even what I want to ultimately write! Romance? Horror? Comedy? Gay fiction? Fiction for children or teens? Ack, no clue! I just know that when I finally to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard, I'll be ready to give it my best shot. My real name will be in print one day, I've promised myself that.
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My sister and I have set a date for our first meeting. It's going to be me, my sister and my mum. It still sounds weird to say 'my sister and my mum' out loud, almost like it's someone else saying it. I never thought I would meet my mum; I never thought I'd want to. I'm wibbling already and we're not meeting for just over a month. I decided I needed that time to adjust a little more and wrap my disbelieving brain around it all. I'm very excited, though. [ profile] big_balls is lending me her flat for the afternoon which is a huge relief, and we have a rough meeting time sorted out, so all I have to do now is sort out what I want to say and ask. And work out what to wear! Eeek!

Note to self: Do not watch Deal or No Deal while actively wibbling. The tension is too much to bare

Now for a small pimp: Bleed for You by [ profile] vinniebatman (Wesley/Angel) Lovely and angsty and brilliantly written.

I've just finished reading the Young Avengers/Runaways Civil War side story. Very good, although I'm not yet sold on the Runaways. I'm quite intrigued by Civil War, though. ~is afraid of the Marvel net/web/trap~
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Firstly, I just want to say that I really hope the fire at the Cutty Sark wasn't deliberate. And if it was, may the culprits suffer a devastating house fire that destroys everything they own.

And on that topic, here's a small fire-related family titbit for you. I'll put it under a cut because it involves the death of an animal. Be warned; it isn't nice.

My Twisted Family, Folks )

In other news, Ive made my very first Drarry banner and changed my layout colours to match. I'm quite pleased.
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Went to a wedding with Bigballs in Hastings yesterday, well, just the evening do. The bride was beautiful and blushing and so very happy. Met up with an old work friend which was nice even though it was a little awkward as there is animosity between her and a current work friend who was also there and is more BB's friend than mine. Still, everyone was pleasant to each other's faces, even if they probably did whisper behind the other one's back. General verdict on the evening: Fun, glad I went, the chili chicken burgers were teh mega-tasty and Hastings is the coldest place on the fucking planet. I still have frostbite in my toes.

I got home in the early hours and went to bed straight away. Unfortunately for me, my cat B'Elanna decided to get stuck under my washing basket and then proceeded to wake me up by dashing about my bedroom beneath it like some sort of deranged Dalek. I woke with a growl, released her from her mobile plastic prison and fell back into bed with a throbbing headache.

Today I have mostly been in the Land of the Tired. I've had a thick head and I've been unbelievably thirsty. Please bare in mind that I don't drink so only had coke and water the night before. A hangover without actually drinking. How's that for cursed luck?

Now I'm going to bed to watch 24. Then I'm going to put out the light and toss and turn for an hour. Then I will wake up in grumpy and foul mood in the morning and go to work. Then...
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So, how is everyone?

I'm good and enjoying a week off work. Yay! I went to the British Museum yesterday to see the Elgin Marbles. They are truly magnificent, unbelievable, and my friend and I only had minor hysterics when in one of the side galleries I read one of the plaques twice without taking it in and promptly said out loud the only word I had caught. "Ear-flaps?" My voice carried all the way down the gallery and it was rather embarrassing. Funny, though. You had to be there, I guess.

We also dropped into the Natural History museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition which was absolutely breathtaking. There were only a couple of pieces that I didn't like because they were either too abstract or because I was freaked out by the icky insect. Everything else was beautiful. Do click the link above and have a gander at the online gallery. You'll be very impressed even though you don't get the same effect as the big displayed prints. My fav was Still Life and Bear. I also chuckled for quite some time at Rival Kings (Penguin Slap Fight)and Rockhopper Rush-hour (Penguin Aerobics) Hee!

We also visited Forbidden Planet and I practically had to drag myself out again. Boy, they were well stocked out! I wanted the six inch Dick Nightwing, Wonderwoman!Barbie, Batman money box, replica Green Lantern Battery, 12 inch Flash, singing Gizmo, Flash t-shirt, replica Draco Malfoy wand, replica all the other wands, too, 12 inch Lorne, Meep. I resisted.

But if they'd had a 12 inch Dick, I would have been on it in a second.

I did buy something though... (whoops)

Everyone, say hello to the newest member of my Btvs/Ats collection:


Fred's bunny!!! AUW!!

I had to have him even though he cost an arm and a leg and he doesn't really look like the actual prop at all. Still...Feigenbaum...Fred...~sniffle~ I needed it.

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My computer is back to running smoothly. I've lost a fair amount of stuff but most of it can be replaced easily enough and it was also a good excuse to switch to a cheaper virus protection. Mostly I'm gutted that I lost Frontpage 2003 and my Sim!Xander and Sim!Spike and their Sim!crypt. :oD All fics and pics and icons and fanart are safe and sound, but I did loose the data to Empires: Dawn of the Modern World - I was on the cusp of a major invasion, damn it!

I had another McShep dream last night. There was a scary giant squid and a cage that you had to lock yourself inside so the squid couldn't get you. There was also a rowing boat and the natives slept in nests on roofs.

What else? Oh, are in my bad books. Not only have they taken down all my vids but they've also permanently deleted my account. The bastards! I got no warning apart from in the last two emails which were sent a day apart a couple of days ago. Talk about jumping the gun. Motherfuckers. If I'd realised that could happen I would have taken them all down ages ago. I planned to move on anyway. Shit. Well, at least I'd d/l all the best vids to my hardrive.

Also, I have a real fascination with Lily Allen. Do you guys outside of the UK know her? I'm really into this song - Alfie so I've uploaded it for you to hear. It's odd, but it makes me laugh.
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Firstly, and shit I should have done this a couple of days ago, thank you so very much to my darling [ profile] amejisuto for my Buffy books, the second of which arrived a couple of days ago. They're so helpful and very interesting, plus I didn't actually have any guides for the latter seasons. Already the second book has helped and I shall be including a particular scene in the next chapter of Teenage Dirtbage which was originally intended to be included in the episode Prophecy Girl. Watch out for it and points to those that spot it!

Secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you to [ profile] trekgirl55 for the tea and the Fortune Snookies. I haven't tried the tea yet (saving it for Saturday), but Indy has already gone flip-me-upside-down-crazy for the Snookies. I came home from my late shift this evening to find him sitting in front of a large brown box; apparantly Grandad had read the custom label and announced to him that there were, indeed, Fortune Snookies "all the way from America!" inside. I do believe Indy spent approx seven hours staring at the box before I came home. LOL!

Both of you, thank you so much. I'm all sniffly that you guys care enough to think of me and supply me with presents. Hee!

And now for the picspam:

Indy, the Fortune Snookies and Grandad )
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1. Today I got showered with prezzies! For no reason! Two tubes of Pringles from R; cheese and onion sandwiches and a banana from D; pink fleecy PJ bottoms from Bigballs which she bought only to discover they didn't fit - they fit me perfectly, match the pink PJ top she previously gave me because it didn't fit, and are so very cosy.

2. Got my cheer-up penguin from Bigballs. His name is flipper and he's from the Falklands. I love him!

3. Got a card from [ profile] lunabee34 Thank you and right back atcha, babe. Love you very much.

4. Went shopping in the Sales and bought a cool stripey dressing gown for £4.00 and black Supergirl shortie-PJ's for £3.00

5. Was caught up in a sudden gust of wind that blew me right into Pets at Home and all the way over to the doggy section where I was forced at rawhide-bone-point to buy Indy a thick, red leather collar with silver bone motif and a cow-print lead. Then I accidentally tripped and landed wallet first in the key-cutting place where I was humilated into buying a matching bone-shaped ID tag; I did NOT get my own address wrong and the man did NOT have to engrave another tag. Whoops. You can't prove anything.

6. I've placed my advance order with Forbidden planet International to add the new Buffy comic to my subscription. Roll on March. Yip yip yip. Also ordered the new two-issue Superman and Batman V Alien and Predator comic. OMGOMGOMG!

7. Went back to the docs. I've got to try stopping the antihistamines to see if the hives come back. He won't let me go back on the happy pills until they have definitely gone away. That's fine. I can cope. I felt very snappy the other day, but today I'm good.

8. Nothing else to report. Oh! Apart from this: Re celeb Big Brother. Donnie Pisshead should not have been allowed into the house in that fucking state. He seems like a nice, sweet guy now he's sober, but really, I found his behavior while drunk/high to be highly unacceptable.

9. One more thing... Group hug!!!!!!! ~holds out arms~
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So, how is everybody? Ya'll have a good Christmas?

Mine was quiet but nice. I saw some friends, including Baby D, Bigballs's nephew, who is so damn cute. Got lots of prezzies: A stack of books, S2 of SG-1, a dressing gown, slippers, My Chemical Romance's album, choccies. Also got a teddy from Kitty and something to take to work to annoy the hell out of everyone else but to amuse me greatly. :oD

I also bought Indy a new fleecy dog bed which he adores and never wants to get out of. The cats didn't get their prezzies until after Christmas because I couldn't get to Pets at Home in time. They got a snuggle tube and a radiator bed. They hate them. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that they are terrified. ~le sigh~ Silly cats. Ame has suggested I try catnip to lure them. Excellent plan.

Work has been quiet and now I have three days off. YAY!! I need it! I have my course do and I'm way behind, plus I have several catagories to judge at the Fang Fetish Awards. That's gonna take me a while, folks. Once I'm done, I'm gonna make big efforts to get my writing back on track.

The hives have got much worse. They are painfully itchy. I've been to the doc and he's taken me off my happy pills. I've got to go back Wednesday to see if that stops the hives and then he'll put me on different pills.

And lastly, I've become re-addicted to Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. There's just something about flinging diseased cows at my enemy that makes me smile so.
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~Yawn~ Feeling very tired and unenergetic today. Dunno why. I slept in very late.

Met up with [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] vampirefever and [ profile] vic_amy_z on Friday night to talk about our upcoming [ profile] writercon adventure. We had drinks and dinner where I had Butternut Squash for the first time (yummyfuckingyumwow!)and now I think I may need to indulge in an aubergine phase. Fun, fun, fun!!

Kitty and I stayed in total luxury. We got a hotel on Liverpool Street and it was the dog's bollocks!! Air con and dvd player and cd player and robes and slippers and a huge bathroom and a dressing room and a comlimentary umbrella and the most softest sheets in the world and a fabulous firm bed and top notch bath products. I did miss our regular Islington Basement of Doom, but it was wonderful to treat ourselves. And in the morning we ventured down to the Terminus for brekky. We went for the full fry up and regretted it when our belly's were bulging with exertion. Am now addicted to Old Spot Sausages. Feel quite sorry for Old Spot, though.

The rest of my weekend has been quiet. I'm feeling nicely lethargic. I've indulged in reading some of my comics seeing as the next batch showed up and I hadn't nearly finished reading the last lot. And now I've decided that I shall spend the rest of my day reading - probably SGA fic as I've barely had a chance since I discovered the wonder of McShep.

Speaking of, I just finished reading Loving Rodney by Lady Ra. Atlantis and John fall in love with our Rodney. If you like fluff and smoosh and humor then you'll adore this. Thanks Ame for reccing this to me; now I shall pass on the love.

Suki Blue, signing out.

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Staring today, I have the rest of the week off work. I'm determined to enjoy myself and get loads done. You know how chores and jobs just build up?

I started my day by taking Indy for a mega walk and a spot of ball throwing. That dog, after nearly five years of life, still has no clue about actually bringing the ball back. I think I walked further than he did.

Then I decided to tidy up my study. Wow, it really needed it. I threw out two whole bin bags of rubbish! But the room looks much better now. Spacious and all my Btvs toys are displayed in a much less cramped way.

Then I worked on my layout. Thanks so much to [ profile] authoressnebula for providing the link to [ profile] s2howto. It really did the job and I got my banner up really quickly. I also tweaked my userinfo and put up my latest awards and changed the bio a smidge.

Now i gotta go update my website, cos boy, it really does need it. ~takes deep breath~ Here I go...
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I've written 3 100 word drabbles for [ profile] slashthedrabble. 1 each of Spander, Superman/Nightwing and Batxan - all comedy. You can find them HERE

In other news, I bought the Superman Collection today. It was on sale. I can't wait to see Superman 3 again. That was one of my childhood films. You know, I still well up when I think about Christoper Reeve. How utterly ironic. And I realise I'm years behind in saying that, but...I just felt the need to say it

I also bought a book called Being Lauren. It's written by Melanie Rose, an author local to where I live, and this is her first book. The general gist is that after a thunder storm a woman wakes up to be told that she's not the person she thinks she is, but she's someone else. Sounds kinda interesting. It's a chick book with a difference. I decided to be supporto gal and buy a copy. And she signed it for me. ~g~

Over and out


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