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I had the time of my life at The Hub 2 and booked The Hub 3 immediately. But inbetween that time the unthinkable happened, Children of Earth, and I said that The Hub 3 would be my last.


We had such a fantastic time that [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] sweet_exile and [ profile] accioscar and I have just this minute booked Gold tickets for The Hub 4. Yes, we are crazy, but we are also very happy. It's not even really about Torchwood anymore. Personally, I'm only on the fringes of that fandom now, but these events are so much fun and such good value for money, I can't stay away. More than anything, it's about hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones. And it's also all about the squishing of bellies.

So, who else is coming the The Hub 4? ~cough~ [ profile] piksa? ~cough~
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I'm not going to say much because I'm feeling a bit tired tonight, but I thought both plays were far better than Asylum, and The Dead Line made me choke up twice (which wasn't at all convenient because I was listening at work on my iPod). But seriously, Gareth gave a phenominal performance. Heartbreaking.

I remember when the only 'tie-ins' we had were the first three novels, and I was bitterly disappointed in, not only a great lack of pre-Janto flirting, but a huge lack of poor Ianto himself. But look at what we've got now! It almost feels like Torchwood was climbing into a cold swimming pool. First it dipped its toes, then it decided the water wasn't as cold as it thought so it dunked a leg in, then it decided the water wanted to be swum in and braced itself for a waist-height sink. Then, when a bunch of excitable people splashed in at the other side and waved it over, it smiled broadly and went for a big gay swim.

I love my Torchwood. Please don't let CoE be the end. It's time to sample the ocean.
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I want to say lots of wonderful things about this radio play, but unfortunately I'm struggling to think of anything. You guys know how much I love my Torchwood, but I have to be honest. I thought it was boring, I thought it sounded unrehearsed and I thought it was a sad waste of forty-odd minutes that could have been used to hook some news fans. Don't get me wrong, there was potential there, but on the whole it fell flat.

The first problem was the lack of jeopardy. I, at no point, felt at all worried, about anyone, and when you consider I get palpitations at the mere thought of anything happening to my Ianto, that really is saying something.

Basically, it was a nice idea, but the writing let it down. Unrealised concept and dialogue that felt off. At times I wondered if Gareth and Eve felt the same way, because they did not sound like Gwen and Ianto. John was just John, bless him. He did his best with the little he had to work with.

The humour was all wrong. It wasn't Torchwood humour. There was a major opportunity for some classic comedy near the start in the SUV scene, and while I did find it amusing, it didn't make me laugh out loud. Again, the writing was off.

I'm going to make a bit of an unfair comparison now, but hopefully you'll get what I mean. Compare Asylum with the fantastic, recently released audio book Sin Eaters and what you see (hear?) is a half-arsed piece of fiction that would sell a maximum of ten copies on CD if it didn't star the Torchwood cast.

Asylum Verdict: I want to end on a positive note so I'll just advise you to rush out and buy Sin Eaters instead, a piece Torchwood kit every fan should own.
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Did I say dancing and romancing? Sorry, I meant telly and biscuits.

After my Firefly marathon yesterday, I quite fancied more Joss, and after the Marstersclass, I also fancied some Btvs and School Hard. So I watched that episode last night and followed it up with Spike as blondie bear in Harsh Light of Day. My goodness James looks so young! And bare-chested. And biteable.

Today I have been watching Torchwood Season 1 on Blu-Ray. Now you might be tempted to say I'm daft for buying it on Blu-Ray when I already own it on DVD, but I can tell you it's worth the money for the unbelievably beautiful picture. You can count all the cute little freckles on Eve's face, even the ones you didn't realise she had. And John Barrowman's teeth gleam like the sun. I now have teeth-shaped spots in front of my eyes when I close them.

Lastly I shall tonight commence Operation NCIS. I have three whole seasons to watch. I saw season 1 a few months ago and fell a little bit in love Tony. Now there's a man I would like to strip naked and cover with Muller Fruit Corner.

I have also pre-ordered Queer as Folk Seasons 4 and 5. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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In the Shadows is the new Torchwood audio book just released by the BBC, and it is the best one yet. It was creepy, funny, in-character and exciting. Actually, it's a good example of what some of the regular TV episodes should have been like. Good writing, good plot. Eve Myles does a fabulous job of reading. She does seem unable to totally shift the Welsh accent when she's doing Jack, Tosh and Owen, but it isn't weird or distracting and her voice is clear and pleasant to listen to. My only complaint would be that it could have been a little longer (it runs at 2 hours 30 minutes) as the end felt a bit rushed.

One of my main concerns with the Torchwood novels and audio books is the amount of Ianto we get for our money and, in this case, I'm completely satisfied with the quantity and quality of Ianto-y and Janto-y goodness.
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Under the cut is me with Eve, Gareth and Matt Rippy. I haven't included the one with Kai because I looked like a shape-shifting alien that fails at life.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And stuff. )
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I'm back from The Hub 2. I'm tired, my throat hurts, my voice is nearly gone and I'm almost totally broke. But I had the most awesome time. Everything was right and nothing was wrong. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I'd like to do a coherent report, but my eyes are rolling up into my head so I'll apologise now for the typos and randomness.

Cut for random excitement )
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After much ditheration, which included wringing of hands, chewing of little fingers, and early-morning emails to [ profile] kitty_poker1, I finally booked my photoshoots for the Hub. I wasn't going to do it because I'm scared, but I've decided life is too short and although I'm still terrified, I'm determined. This could be a once in a lifetime thing so why the hell not.

I'm having photos done with Gareth, Eve and Kai and, Holy Hub, if I wasn't excited before, I'm just beside myself now.

Need to write lists. There are still things I need to get. I'm debating new boots. I need some for work anyway. Same thing with a watch. Also need minture bottle of my fav hairspray, and possibly a new bottle of my fav glamshine lippy if I can't find the one I've already got. Oh, need to track down my evening bag, too.

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Not sure about the new profile page yet. I'm happy with my Bio space and the interests, friends, comms lists etc, but my Basic Info stuff is all out of alignment, which makes me want to gnaw off a corner of my laptop. Still, as long as it isn't one of the first signs of an impending apocalypse, I'm sure I can live with it.

Bought the Torchwood Magazine today. Eve is on the cover and I had myself a fangirl moment in the middle of WH Smiths when I had to stab at the cover with an excited finger and proclaim loudly to my long-suffering friend R, 'That's her! She's going to the Hub. I love her because she's hot, she kicks arse and she says "Bollocks!" like only a real woman can!'

On my way back to the office I had a quick five minutes to dash into Woolworths to rummage through their Doctor Who toys. I've been stalking the shop for weeks waiting for a Captain Jack, a Weeping Angel and a Series 4 Doctor with Adipose. I got the Weeping Angel (Yays!), which now has a prime spot on my desk at work next to my Dalek coaster, Batman, Nurse Stuartina Titmouse (a small, furry mouse in dress, and a hat made from a drinks lid with a cross drawn in thick black marker)and Princess Cat (Don't ask). Now the big question is, should I buy a Doctor in Orange Spacesuit? They're only five quid each.

Lastly, I owe a shitload of emails and comments. Sorry! I blame NaNoWriMo. 10,010 words and counting.
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Re tonight's debut episode of Merlin I would like to give it a massive thumbs up. I really enjoyed it. Anthony Head and Eve Myles were great and I loved the young lad playing Merlin (Colin Morgan apparently).

But tell me this, did any one else pick up slashy Arthur/Merlin vibes??? Please tell me it's not just me! Please tell me they'll be fic! And icons! And a comm!


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