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Through the Din of this Loud Life by [ profile] carolinecrane -- Reid/Morgan

Morgan, Reid, and a little cabin in the woods. You know what happens next.

My love for this fic exceeds all bounds in the known universe. In fact, I love just about everything I've found from this author so far. Also try:

Once More into the Breach -- Derek helps Spencer relax.

Take you Home -- Spencer has a little trouble dealing with Derek's hero complex sometimes, but Derek can be patient when it counts.

Contingencies -- Spencer doesn't think much about his wardrobe. Good thing he's got someone to do it for him.

So Far to Sail -- Those carnations people used to buy each other in high school were just another way to make kids feel bad about themselves.

The Endless Immensity of the Sea -- Morgan's always watched Spencer, so he knows when Spencer needs help. He just doesn't know what kind of help Spencer needs.

All are Reid/Morgan.

And there ends my recs for the day. Happy reading.
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I'm crawling through these two fandoms at snails' pace. My general fandom glee seems to have wilted of late. I can't seem to muster up my YAAAAYYYY!!! factor. Still enjoying the feel of shiny new fandoms, though. There's something about picking through fic which is entirely new and finding that one genuine diamond amongst the piles of cubic zirconium.

Anyway, here's some recs.

Criminal Minds

What Goes Around by Rushlight, Amy, Diagonalist, and Gin. Reid/Gideon.

Gideon introduces Reid to the wonders of socialization, among other things.

Beautifully written. Thank you, [ profile] snowpuppies for rec'ing this to me in the first place.

My Lonely Heart by Rushlight. Reid/OMC, Reid/Gideon.

Reid's new boyfriend turns out to be anything but the man of his dreams.

Please read the fic warnings on this one.

A Rock and a Hard Place by Rushlight. Reid/Hotch.

Reid and Hotch are kidnapped during the course of an investigation.

Reid gets kidnapped a lot in this fandom, doesn't he? Poor woobie. No warning on this one, but I think there should be. I don't want to give anything away, but watch out for the non-con sorta. You can beat me around the head later for that, but I'd rather not be responsible for anyone reading something that might upset. Great fic.

Misdirection by Miriam Heddy. Reid/Gideon.

Read and Gideon talk

I love Reid in this. I could hear his voice co clearly.


Rictus by Sequitor.

This is the story of how Gibbs met Tony. It's long and plotty with spot-on characterisation. It's a hard fic to read because of the subject matter being dealt with, which is the investigation of the rape and murder of several children in Baltimore. Very unpleasant and the fic itself has a very gritty feel to it. Brilliant, and I completely believe this is how Gibbs and Tony met. It's technically gen, but if you squint (which I do permanently now anyway) it can be easily read as pre-slash.
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He's a hot love god with a gun and a massive heart. He's the perfect man. Don't believe me? Click the cut and see for yourselves. [ profile] literati, make sure you're sitting down.

Caps are by me and are from The Fisher King, Part One. You may take and use as you will.

Derek Morgan )

Edit: Non-worksafe image in the comments. Anyone for some nekkid?
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GRRR stuff, sniffly stuff and fandom stuff (Mind the CoE) )

EDIT: I've just met our new gardener. Holy strimming implements, he's hot!!
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Yes, folks, it's picspam time again. Today we have the lovely Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and the purpose of this picspam is to enlighten my flist to the woobie delights of this show and its star (IMO). Those of you who already watch the show ... shame on you for not emailing me to ask WHY AREN'T YOU WATCHING THIS?!

Yes, I am a new viewer. I began watching season 1 two weeks ago when I decided I needed to see this show before I meet Nicholas Brendon in October. Oh noes, I thought, I'll have to sit through three seasons of drivel before I get to the good stuff. As you will see from the pictures under the cut, I could not have been more wrong ...

Let the woobiness begin! )
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Those of you who watch Criminal Minds, please click the cut and view evidence of madness afoot.

How did this happen?!?! )

Tomorrow I shall be posting a larger picspam illustrating the woobyness that is Spencer Reid, which will include Reid in Peril, Wet Reid, Reid with Puppy Eyes and Reid with Crazy Hair.
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Meeting of the Minds by [ profile] lusty_daydreams -- Sheppard/McKay/Reid

John and Rodney meet a young genius in an FBI bar. Star Trek quizzes and smut.

Thank you, [ profile] darkhavens for this rec. I LOVE it. Brilliantly written, in-character, hot. It don't get no better than that, folks.
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My new computer arrived on Friday, which was way earlier than I expected. He's big, beautiful and orange and he weighs a fricking ton! But he lights up such a pretty blue and he looks fabulous next to my new Twenty-Two-Inch Tony ~happy sigh~

Actually, having a screen this big is very weird. I kind of don't know what to do with all the space. And reading fic is strange because a whole paragraph stretches over a single line. I look like I'm watching a game of tennis.

But the best thing? The Sims 3 runs like a dream.

In other news, I've just finished watching season 1 of Criminal Minds and I'm totally in love with Spencer Reid. Has anyone got any fic recs? I'm looking for Reid/Morgan and Reid/Hotch. Will also consider Reid/Gideon slash or gen. Any other CM fans on my flist??
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I finished watching season 6 of NCIS this week and my reaction is as follows: Eeeep!

Under the cut is a slightly more detailed reaction:

Eeep etc etc )

And now for some fic pimps

A Thousand Miles (Mend What is Broken) by [ profile] chatona -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

“I want you to come home, Tony.”

This was originally rec'd to me by [ profile] motschekiebchen who was one of the many people people who responded to my plea for NCIS recs (and thank you, btw, to everyone who commented with what were some brilliant fics). Anyway, why should you read this one? Because it's beautifully written. Simples!

Tony's Dry Spell by [ profile] xanthestories -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

Tony finds out the *real* reason for his recent lack of hot sex.

This is a tag fic to Ep 6x18 Knockout, and it's total crack. Very funny. Also, within this here fic, the author explains one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the entire show. I totally buy it. Do you?

That's it for recs, and I would like to end this post on a slight change of subject. My post-NCIS telly-watching project is Criminal Minds. I am nine eps into season 1. OMG, REID!!! NEW WOOBIE!!!! ~huggles him~ I'm loving the father and son thing going on between him and Gideon. But who to slash him with ...? Wait, do I have to slash everyone? Yeah, pretty much.


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