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I had the time of my life at The Hub 2 and booked The Hub 3 immediately. But inbetween that time the unthinkable happened, Children of Earth, and I said that The Hub 3 would be my last.


We had such a fantastic time that [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] sweet_exile and [ profile] accioscar and I have just this minute booked Gold tickets for The Hub 4. Yes, we are crazy, but we are also very happy. It's not even really about Torchwood anymore. Personally, I'm only on the fringes of that fandom now, but these events are so much fun and such good value for money, I can't stay away. More than anything, it's about hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones. And it's also all about the squishing of bellies.

So, who else is coming the The Hub 4? ~cough~ [ profile] piksa? ~cough~
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In a land of myth and a time of magic, I promised more picspams. I did not deliver. But now, with time on my hands and Sneaky Friends Who Persuade, I have returned with a brand new offering. Before you click and gaze upon my chosen pics and accompanying commentary, let me please point out that it is strangely difficult to find unintentional crack within such a cracked-up episode. I hope you will not be disappointed and, as always, please remember that I only poke fun at shows that I adore. I do not mean what I say. I don't mean that either.

All caps are by me and are free to take, use and alter. No credit required.

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It's official. I'm sick. Blaaaah. From the sounds of it, I'm not the only one who came home from the Hub with a cold, but I don't really care because I loved every single second of it and a few germs is a small price to pay (the credit card bill was a slightly higher price, but let's not get into that again). Had a nice long bubble bath this morning and went for a walk out for chips and that brightened me up. Since then I've changed my LJ header and farted about with my layout without much success. I really feel like playing with photoshop some more so I might go do that now. I want to do a short TW picspam while I'm in the mood, then do my QAF pic spams before doing another Merlin one.

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

And while I'm doing that, you're all booking tickets to come to The Hub 3 with me in October, Y/Y?

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Under the cut is me with Eve, Gareth and Matt Rippy. I haven't included the one with Kai because I looked like a shape-shifting alien that fails at life.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And stuff. )
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I'm back from The Hub 2. I'm tired, my throat hurts, my voice is nearly gone and I'm almost totally broke. But I had the most awesome time. Everything was right and nothing was wrong. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I'd like to do a coherent report, but my eyes are rolling up into my head so I'll apologise now for the typos and randomness.

Cut for random excitement )

The Hub 2

Mar. 13th, 2009 09:26 am
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I'm signing off for the weekend. I'll see some of you in a few hours time. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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Only one more sleep until The Hub 2. Where the feck is my handbag?! It's small and black, quite a simple little thing really. I only tend to use it for evening and special events. Last time I remember using it was when I went to the Doctor Who Exhibition, which was many months ago. I've looked EVERYWHERE!

Any ideas? Outrageous suggestions welcome at this point. Prompt me and I might remember where I put it.
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Today, I come wielding photos. Under the first cut is a picture of me I took earlier. I thought it might make it easier for those of you going to Hub to spot me.

Under the second cut is a picture of my latest knitted creation.

ME!! )

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's two weeks worth of dropped stitches and backwards hair. )

Two more sleeps 'til the Hub! OMG!!!
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After much ditheration, which included wringing of hands, chewing of little fingers, and early-morning emails to [ profile] kitty_poker1, I finally booked my photoshoots for the Hub. I wasn't going to do it because I'm scared, but I've decided life is too short and although I'm still terrified, I'm determined. This could be a once in a lifetime thing so why the hell not.

I'm having photos done with Gareth, Eve and Kai and, Holy Hub, if I wasn't excited before, I'm just beside myself now.

Need to write lists. There are still things I need to get. I'm debating new boots. I need some for work anyway. Same thing with a watch. Also need minture bottle of my fav hairspray, and possibly a new bottle of my fav glamshine lippy if I can't find the one I've already got. Oh, need to track down my evening bag, too.



Mar. 6th, 2009 03:58 pm
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[ profile] kitty_poker1 and I are going to James Marsters: The Marstersclass on 2nd May. It's an all day event with a concert, autographs, photoshoot, 'Marstersclass' and a Q & A. And Gareth David-Lloyd is going to be there!! Two of my favourite boys on stage together! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Holy shit, after all this time, I'm finally going to meet James! OMFFFFFFFFG!!!

I'm slightly skeered, and so excited that I don't know what to do with myself. I got no work done today and instead sat at my desk making peculiar squeely fangirl noises. I couldn't concentrate on my book at lunchtime so I went shopping for clothes for the Hub next week. I bought black jeans, stone combats, an interesting green top and a new belt.

Am now watching Dude, Where's My Car and waiting for Hal Sparks, because that's all my brain can manage.

More Stuffs

Mar. 4th, 2009 07:04 pm
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Yet again, I have been mostly absent from online life, aside from a few stealth-like activities. The main reason for this (apart from my terribly slow desktop computer) is because of my Open University course. It's a killer this year, an unbelievable amount of work. I had it easy last year, I'm sure. I've just spent the last few weeks studying Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein (1818), writing an essay on the narrative voices used by Jane Austen and learning all about the rise of the realist novel. I handed in my essay last night and now I'm planning my essay on character and genre in Frankenstein, of which I have developed an absolute obsession. I have three days to indulge in some extra reading (Paradise Lost) before I have to move on to Great Expectations and concentrate on the essay.

Anyways, sorry for being quiet. I'm catching up on my comments and emails now. I've had to delete all my LJ post notifications because I took one look at all two hundred of them and flailed.

I notice y'all are Twittering again. HERE IS ME

OMG, nine days until The Hub2!! Who's excited/skeered?

[ profile] foreverbm is fabulous! Look HERE and HERE to see exactly why we think Michael and Ben are the bestest and the hottest and the sweetest.

And talking of hot, I was browsing [ profile] tomfelton_daily and I found a brand new Piccy. Fuck me backwards on a bicycle, how gorgeous does he want to be?!?!?!?!?!?!
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Not sure about the new profile page yet. I'm happy with my Bio space and the interests, friends, comms lists etc, but my Basic Info stuff is all out of alignment, which makes me want to gnaw off a corner of my laptop. Still, as long as it isn't one of the first signs of an impending apocalypse, I'm sure I can live with it.

Bought the Torchwood Magazine today. Eve is on the cover and I had myself a fangirl moment in the middle of WH Smiths when I had to stab at the cover with an excited finger and proclaim loudly to my long-suffering friend R, 'That's her! She's going to the Hub. I love her because she's hot, she kicks arse and she says "Bollocks!" like only a real woman can!'

On my way back to the office I had a quick five minutes to dash into Woolworths to rummage through their Doctor Who toys. I've been stalking the shop for weeks waiting for a Captain Jack, a Weeping Angel and a Series 4 Doctor with Adipose. I got the Weeping Angel (Yays!), which now has a prime spot on my desk at work next to my Dalek coaster, Batman, Nurse Stuartina Titmouse (a small, furry mouse in dress, and a hat made from a drinks lid with a cross drawn in thick black marker)and Princess Cat (Don't ask). Now the big question is, should I buy a Doctor in Orange Spacesuit? They're only five quid each.

Lastly, I owe a shitload of emails and comments. Sorry! I blame NaNoWriMo. 10,010 words and counting.
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Anyone in need of a roommate? The lovely [ profile] accioscar is looking for someone to share with.

Also, you know you've not done a good days work when all you've done is sit at your desk pondering whether John Barrowman is a bottom.

The Hub 2

Nov. 3rd, 2008 05:50 pm
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I've bought my ticket and booked the hotel. Holy shit, I'm going!!
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It's been one of those crazy batshit days today. Even considering my fuzzy head and neck ache, I've been bouncing about all day. It all started when I sat down in our staffroom this morning and examined the till receipt from my early morning shop. Giant White Baps. I chuckled at first and then it turned into this massive OMGSPORFLEGUFFAW!!!! that wouldn't stop. Like people didn't already think I was nuts.

Then my friend R who sits in the desk behind me turned around and said, 'Did you see Merlin? Arthur is so hot.' That resulted in a twenty minute conversation about chest hair and blonds.

At mid-morning I had my holiday cleared for next March. HUB 2, HERE I COME!! COME ON, PAYDAY!!

Next, I surreptitiously used my work Internet (which is not supposed to be used for evil) to Google images of Gareth David-Lloyd so R could see who I apparently wanted to ride like a Harley over Brighton's pebble beach. She approved, although the picture of Jack and Ianto snogging made her turn bright red and promptly answer her phone. I don't think it was actually ringing.

This evening I took a moment to sort out my comics. I'd stopped reading them. Again. For the same reason as last time. I can't handle that Bart Allen is dead. Every so often it gets to me, frustrates me and saddens me far too much. But now I'm ready to resume reading, I can't find my Batman R.I.P list so now I have no idea what order I need to read them in for that story arc to make sense. Fuckflaps. Hello, DC, HOW ABOUT A SIMPLE NUMBERING SYSTEM ON THE FUCKING COMICS?!?!!?

Lastly, I really enjoyed the first episode of the zombie Big Brother drama, Dead Set. I thought it was going to be more comedy-based and the wobbly hand-camera gets a bit much at times, but on the whole it was very good. You don't often see true horror dramas on TV in the UK so I'll admit it's a bit of a novelty. Brilliant, though. Davina made a fabulous zombie (omg, I just typed donkey, lol).

The Hub 2

Oct. 26th, 2008 07:44 pm
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The Hub 2 has been announced. I'm going to check with work (because we have a stupid holiday ban in parts of March), and then book my ticket next week. I'm gutted that [ profile] kitty_poker1 flew off to Vegas just this morning so I've got to wait to beg her to come with me ask her. I don't do waiting all that well, ha ha.

Who else is thinking of going?


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