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Jul. 13th, 2009 07:31 pm
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For long, plotty and original NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo fics, look no further than Lady Ra.

Some of you in the SGA fandom may recognise her from her McShep classic Loving Rodney.

Back to the NCIS fics, Tears and History are great, but I love Sensing Evil for its weird and unexpected supernatural creepiness. Consider this one definitely AU!

I'm currently reading the beautiful McShep verse Nantucket and it reminds me of all the wonderfully written fics in that fandom and it's prompted me to start my Top Twenty Fics of all Time. Multi-fandom. I think it would be interesting to figure it out, post and then come back to it every six months to see how much it's changed. Right now I'm just trying to make a random list of memorable fics from all my fandoms. Erm, this might take some time, especially as I intend to re-read all the serious contenders. Eeep.
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Nine-and-a-quarter -- Stargate: Atlantis - John/Rodney by [ profile] mirasol

Size doesn't matter, except when it does

Written to make me smile, and it worked! Thank you so much, [ profile] mirasol!

This is guaranteed to give you a grin.
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Meeting of the Minds by [ profile] lusty_daydreams -- Sheppard/McKay/Reid

John and Rodney meet a young genius in an FBI bar. Star Trek quizzes and smut.

Thank you, [ profile] darkhavens for this rec. I LOVE it. Brilliantly written, in-character, hot. It don't get no better than that, folks.
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Junk Cheap by [ profile] devildoll

If you were thinking you'd love to read an AU where Rodney is a college professor and John owns a junk shop, this is the story for you.

I am so late to the party with this one. I don't read a lot of SGA fic these days, not since I jumped into HP and then TW. [ profile] kitty_poker1 rec'd this one to me yonks ago and for some reason I only just remembered about it and got her to link me up. It's excellent, a perfect example of what an AU fic should be. Rodney is perfectly Rodney and John is flawlessly John. Sweet and funny and beautifully written. Highly recommended.
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Anyone on my flist who is remotely interested in Stargate: Atlantis please go read The Day The Truth Serum Got In Everyone's Coffee by [ profile] sheafrotherdon. It's only 500 words and I nearly fell over laughing. I'm still laughing. Go! Shoo!
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Thank you so much to [ profile] mygothangel for the mistletoe on my user info page. So sweet! ~smooches~

And thank you [ profile] vinniebatman who has written me a lovely McShep Christmas fic. The Mistletoe Conspiracy. It's so funny and cute!!

I definitely need funny and cute at the moment. As you may know, I've started taking happy pills to help out with a nasty case of depression. All was well until I began to scratch. Now I have hives. ~sigh~ It's hot and excrutiatingly itchy from my jaw down to my thighs. Bugger. I know it's the pills because the same ones did the same thing to me a few years ago, and the hives got so bad they covered my enitre body. Double Bugger. I'll look forward to that.

Anyway, so as not to end this post on a negative point, here is a fic pimp. Most of you have probably seen this but maybe I'll catch a couple of you that haven't. 844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger by [ profile] minervacat. It's an SGA team fic which is marked as gen, which it is, but it is also McShep - meaning John and Rodney are together but it's not the point of the fic. READ IT! It's the funniest fucking fic and so well written.
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Firstly, help? Take a look at the two LJ coms that Ame and I run, [ profile] griefcounseling and [ profile] we_love_dick. Does the banner look really fucked up? I thought it was just my browser, but Kitty sees it all screwed up, too. Does anyone have any clue how to fix it? I think it might be something to do with the navigation bar.

Secondly, please read this McShep flashfic. War of the Roses So funny. The golf bag, man. Hee!
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I was just taking a break from the next chappy of Teenage Dirtbag and was surfing the wonderful world of I've just come across - not literally - yet - an absolutely fantastic McShep vid. Fantastic song, really good, fast pace and great editing that just puts you in a trance.

Clicky for viddy )
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Check out [ profile] _wwsd_'s LJ for some fantastic Rodney and John, SGA icons. I've been rummaging and there's some great stuff to be snagged including colour bars which I've already installed on my user info page.

Go see, snag and credit!!!

Oh, and you guys HAVE to see the SuperRodney manip. Seriously. Gold!!!
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~Yawn~ Feeling very tired and unenergetic today. Dunno why. I slept in very late.

Met up with [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] vampirefever and [ profile] vic_amy_z on Friday night to talk about our upcoming [ profile] writercon adventure. We had drinks and dinner where I had Butternut Squash for the first time (yummyfuckingyumwow!)and now I think I may need to indulge in an aubergine phase. Fun, fun, fun!!

Kitty and I stayed in total luxury. We got a hotel on Liverpool Street and it was the dog's bollocks!! Air con and dvd player and cd player and robes and slippers and a huge bathroom and a dressing room and a comlimentary umbrella and the most softest sheets in the world and a fabulous firm bed and top notch bath products. I did miss our regular Islington Basement of Doom, but it was wonderful to treat ourselves. And in the morning we ventured down to the Terminus for brekky. We went for the full fry up and regretted it when our belly's were bulging with exertion. Am now addicted to Old Spot Sausages. Feel quite sorry for Old Spot, though.

The rest of my weekend has been quiet. I'm feeling nicely lethargic. I've indulged in reading some of my comics seeing as the next batch showed up and I hadn't nearly finished reading the last lot. And now I've decided that I shall spend the rest of my day reading - probably SGA fic as I've barely had a chance since I discovered the wonder of McShep.

Speaking of, I just finished reading Loving Rodney by Lady Ra. Atlantis and John fall in love with our Rodney. If you like fluff and smoosh and humor then you'll adore this. Thanks Ame for reccing this to me; now I shall pass on the love.

Suki Blue, signing out.



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