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I have some variety for you today, which reflects just how random my thinking is right now.

Harry Potter

On the Last Day of Our World by Sansa -- Harry/Draco

Long, plotty, angtsy romance. As soon as I started reading this I knew I'd read it before and forgot all about it. It was a pleasure to read again.

Doctor Who

The Final Countdown -- Daleks rock out on YouTube

Just stupid and funny. It's vids like this that make me thankful for YouTube.


Oath by [ profile] elementalv -- Dean/Castiel

It’s not that Castiel particularly wants to have sex.

Bert & Ernie Are Gay (Not On My Watch) by [ profile] justabi -- Dean/Castiel

If Dean has to make like Bert and Ernie to keep this one goddamn promise to a guy who full on rebelled against God for him, well, then fuck it. Bring on the Muppet sex.

Twitterpated by [ profile] rain_dances -- Dean/Castiel

Castiel insists that Dean and Sam start using twitter as a means of communication (seriously).

we got some work to do now by [ profile] atimi -- Many pairings.

SPN/Scooby Doo crossover; rated NC-17; a multitude of pairings (but no bestiality. promise.)

Those last two are pure crack and absolutely must be read by everyone. Many thanks to [ profile] kitty_poker1 for linking me up.

And now a request! Does anyone have any more recs for Dean/Castiel or Sam/Castiel or Sam/Dean where they are NOT brothers, or at the very least brothers that grew up totally apart. Must be very well written because my time is limited and I only want to read the best. Boy, I really sound like a snob! But seriously, these are my first steps into this fandom and I want them to be worth it.
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I'm back from The Hub 2. I'm tired, my throat hurts, my voice is nearly gone and I'm almost totally broke. But I had the most awesome time. Everything was right and nothing was wrong. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I'd like to do a coherent report, but my eyes are rolling up into my head so I'll apologise now for the typos and randomness.

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New year, new layout. I'm going with a Nero banner this time. I think my infactuation with him will last as long as the game does, so best give him banner time while the urge is hot.

As years went, 2008 was okay. Some of it was fantabudastic, some of it made me wish I'd been born anyone but me and some of it was just fine.

I passed my OU course with a distinction, wrote two original novels, attended [ profile] writerconuk, found several new fandoms, read a shit-load of books, comics, magazines and fanfic, got to know my family a little more ...

No wonder I'm exhausted!

My favourite books of 2008 were Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider books, Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.

My favourite film was Iron Man. Not a good year for films. I actually found The Dark Knight to be somewhat of a disappointment. I feel a chick-flick phase approaching.

My fabourite TV shows were Torchwood, Doctor Who, Merlin and The Apprentice (When is that back on? I need some Sugar).

My favourite fandom was Torchwood (Jack/Ianto).

My favourite fics were Time Enough (Jack/Ianto) by [ profile] veronicaluv, It Didn't Start Like This (Jack/Ianto) by [ profile] szm, Take a Sad Song and Make it Better (Harry/Draco) by [ profile] femmequixotic and Drop Dead Gorgeous (Harry/Draco) by Mistful.

My favourite dog was Indy, my favourite socks the red, stripy, fluffy ones, my favourite PJs the purple Eeyore with checked bottoms, favourite slippers the red slip-ons with pom poms. Fav perfume J-Lo Glow, fav body cream Molton Brown Yuan Zhi, fav people YOU GUYS!!!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Matt Smith is the new Doctor. I can't say I know him at all and I'm rather disturbed by his lack of eyebrows, but he's got that quirky look I was hoping for. He's young, though, which is rather worrying.

BUT, I shall give him a fair chance. Despite his age and the eyebrow issue, he does have great hair. Hurrah for Eleven!


Jan. 2nd, 2009 08:14 pm
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11th Doctor revealed TOMORROW on BBC1

I'm not sure I'll make it home from work in time, but I shall Sky-Plus it just in case. OMG! I can't tell you how excited and terrified I am. Oh why do I have to work!?!?! I need the whole day to prepare for this!!
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I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas. It's very quiet here. Grandad has been asleep for much of the day, which leaves me to my own devices. That would actually be quite nice, but unfortunately he stirs every time I so much as twitch towards the remote control. Despite this, I did manage to get in a couple of hours of gaming on my PS3 and I would like to announce my brand new crush.



And Dante


From Devil May Cry 4. OMG, it's an awesome game and I don't totally suck at it, which is unusual for me with a game that involves running, jumping and fighting. I have a feeling Nero is going to be my new Cloud.

Got lots of prezzies. Feel a bit spoiled, actually. Merlin soundtrack, Harry Connick Jr. CD, Le Morte d'Arthur and the first Blood Ties novel from my darling [ profile] amejisuto. The new Martin Clunes book and Jason Donovan album from my gorgeous [ profile] kitty_poker1. EEEEEEEEEE, thank you, guys!. Molton Brown goodies and a funny book of typos from R. And from Grandad, PS3 games, DW audio book, DW S4, House S3, Smallville S6 and Primeval S1&2.

The highlight of the day was the dinner, which came out perfectly and even earned me a pat on the shoulder and a 'You done good, girl,' from Grandad. High praise indeed.

Second highlight was the DW Christmas Special. Yes, it was brilliant. Loved it. Major spoilers under the cut (and please scroll down because some people track and the cuts don't show up).

The Next Doctor )

On a totally seperate note, I'm watching Wallace and Gromit and I'm stunned that I didn't realise before how much Gromit reminds me of Ianto.
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Not sure about the new profile page yet. I'm happy with my Bio space and the interests, friends, comms lists etc, but my Basic Info stuff is all out of alignment, which makes me want to gnaw off a corner of my laptop. Still, as long as it isn't one of the first signs of an impending apocalypse, I'm sure I can live with it.

Bought the Torchwood Magazine today. Eve is on the cover and I had myself a fangirl moment in the middle of WH Smiths when I had to stab at the cover with an excited finger and proclaim loudly to my long-suffering friend R, 'That's her! She's going to the Hub. I love her because she's hot, she kicks arse and she says "Bollocks!" like only a real woman can!'

On my way back to the office I had a quick five minutes to dash into Woolworths to rummage through their Doctor Who toys. I've been stalking the shop for weeks waiting for a Captain Jack, a Weeping Angel and a Series 4 Doctor with Adipose. I got the Weeping Angel (Yays!), which now has a prime spot on my desk at work next to my Dalek coaster, Batman, Nurse Stuartina Titmouse (a small, furry mouse in dress, and a hat made from a drinks lid with a cross drawn in thick black marker)and Princess Cat (Don't ask). Now the big question is, should I buy a Doctor in Orange Spacesuit? They're only five quid each.

Lastly, I owe a shitload of emails and comments. Sorry! I blame NaNoWriMo. 10,010 words and counting.
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Now that they'll be a new actor playing the Doctor in 2010, does this mean the fifth series won't have Captain Jack? Because that's what they did when David Tennant took over, to give him a chance to shine without being shadowed by an iconic and already loved character.

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David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who after the 2009 specials!!!

Fuck, no!!!!!
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I noticed this morning that LJ have put up this year's Halloween theme on the profile page and it inspired me to change my layout to something dark and scary. I made a Blink! banner and some icons. I thought I'd share the icons because I made far too many for just little old me.

Credit is nice but not required. Feel free to customise.

Caps taken from

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Went to the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earles Court today. It was a brilliant day, a nice late start, lunch at Starbucks and then the exhibition. R even supplied chocolate brownies. YUM!

The exhibition was fantastic! There were props and costumes and models, touchscreens and Big Red Buttons that had to be pushed. There were Cybermen, Daleks, K9, Ood and a whole load of other iconic DW figures that I can't spell. The Queen of Racnoss was massive and really freaky, and both of us were seriously bricking it. We scuttled past it eventually, me firmly positioned behind my friend. Davros made an appearance towards the end, along with three Daleks that moved and screamed and exterminated. So. Very. Cool.

And afterwards, I bought a diecast gold Dalek, a Dalek coaster and a souvenir guidebook. I went home a very happy fan indeed.

Under the cut are some photos of the day, including a couple of me with the Face of Boe and an Angel from Blink.

Blink and you're Dead! )

P.S. Merlin picspam of ep 2 Valiant due tomorrow, taken an age because I've gone way overboard.
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My Doctor Who DVD Four to Doomsday arrived today. These episodes were originally broadcast in 1982 and marked the beginning (ish) of Peter Davison's rein as the Doctor.

At seven-years-old, Peter Davison was my Doctor. I started with Tom Baker, was devastated when he regenerated (partly because I had no idea about regeneration and it was therefore a total shock), and I swore I would never like this new stupid Doctor with his stupid cricket ball and his stupid non-curly hair. No fricking way. I would only keep watching because of my massive crush on Adric. So, two episodes later I was naturally hooked and I kept watching until Colin Baker took over, and with Adric and my Doctor gone, I had no reason to go on until the Glorious Day of Christopher Eccleston.

I would love to say these episodes stood the test of time, but they haven't, not even close. In fact, I thought all four episodes were made of fail. On the plus side, Peter Davison's version of the Fifth Doctor is pretty good and I feel all nostalgic. He has some fantastic one-liners: 'I wouldn't dream of interfering with your minopticans.' WIN!!

The Doctor and my first love, Adric. (I was seven, okay?!!?) And Nyssa in the background. And man in green swanky suit. (I'd like to see if Ianto could pull off green velvet; I fear he could.)

Edit: I forgot to tell you about the fly. There's a zombie fly lurking in my house. That is all.
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The Good

I just booked tickets to the see the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court. My friend R agreed to come with me. She does like DW, but hasn't seen S4 and I suspect she would have accompanied me even if I'd suggested a guided tour around a sewerage plant if it meant I was happy. She's just that sort of friend.

The Bad

I'm not sure, but I think one of my cats is unwell. She's not her normal meowy, bright-eyed, getting-under-my-feet-and-tripping-me-self. And I think she's thinner (it's hard to tell under all that fluff). I suspect it's the new food I bought which either only one of my two cats is eating or both cats are only nibbling at, and as Belanna is the only one looking all floppy, I'm assuming it's just her. I've bought some yummy Salmon in Jelly today and while she did initially dive at it, she only ate a few mouthfuls, and later she ate two cheesy pockets.

And then I discovered Popcorn has a limp. I've examined him and he doesn't seem to be in pain and there are no marks. It's possible he's having me on. The dog does that sometimes. Both cats are getting on a bit now (12 and 13) so maybe this is just old age?

The Fugly are wankers. If I'd known about their 3 week policy I wouldn't have ordered my laptop from them. You're not allowed to contact them to chase delivery for three weeks after posting and not a day before. It's been three weeks today yet still the website won't let me quiere until the day after the 21st day. Pardon my language, but fucking arseholes.

It's a worry, you know? They've got my £450 and I've got sod all. I can't email them and the tracking number they provided means sweet FA. I've even emailed Royal Mail and heard nothing. I'm so beyond angry now.


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