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Firstly, you've all seen the new Half-Blood Prince Promo Pics, yes? Fourth one down: check out the fight or fuck expressions. Secondly, [ profile] literati made me some icons from the pics, which are just beautiful, so thank you so much, honey!! ~squishes~

Also, here's a post containing a new location shot of Jack and Ianto. I'm probably way more excited about this than I should be but I'm so high on all the visuals today I feel like combusting.

And now for some recs:

Walking the Line by Silent Auror -- Harry/Draco

Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

I meant to rec this yonks ago. Plotty, epic, full of angst and lust, this one is a fandom must.

And Then the Heroes Came Along by [ profile] roga Stargate: Atlantis/DC Comics Crossover; Gen, (but McSheppy if you squint.)

You would think that grown men would be able to interact with Superman and Batman without turning into thirteen-year-old girls. You would be wrong.

Frickin' hilarious! You have to read this. Please believe me. That's all I'm saying.
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The Charms of Gravity by [ profile] misslucyjane

Ianto takes Jack as his date to his brother's wedding and Jack wonders if weddings and babies are what Ianto really wants.

Another glimpse at Ianto's family, which is a definite favourite for me. Wonderful writing. Gave me a lump in my throat and glossy eyes -- and no I haven't been eating Indy's dog food.
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So, I'm slowly working my way through [ profile] lucy_locket's Janto Masterlist of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and I came across (not literally) this one:

Belonging by [ profile] burkesl17

Ianto goes home to visit his family on his birthday – and comes home to a surprise party at the hub arranged by Jack.

This is going in my top ten Janto fics ever. You know how in different fandoms you have a particular preference on type of story? For Spander it was always H/C, with McShep it was the comedy fics, with Drarry it was adult!future!Drarry. Well, for Janto, it's country boy!domestic!Ianto. I LOVE to see how people imagine Ianto's life outside of Torchwood.

This fic is beautifully written with a calm, meandering storyline that perfectly reflects Ianto's personality and his family life.

On a completely separate note, I've just installed Word 2007 and dear lord it's so pretty!!
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A thousand apologies to everyone on my other journal for the rampant spamming today. I don't usually like to cross-post, but I do like doing my little book reveiews and this time they are relevent to people on both journals.

Stargate:Atlantis )

Torchwood )
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This is the synopsis on of the upcoming Torchwood novel Almost Perfect.

Emma is 30, single and frankly desperate. She woke up this morning with nothing to look forward to but another evening of unsuccessful speed-dating. But now she has a new weapon in her quest for Mr Right. And it's made her almost perfect. Gwen Cooper woke up this morning expecting the unexpected. As usual. She went to work and found a skeleton at a table for two and a colleague in a surprisingly glamorous dress. Perfect. Ianto Jones woke up this morning with no memory of last night. He went to work, where he caused amusement, suspicion and a little bit of jealousy. Because Ianto Jones woke up this morning in the body of a woman. And he's looking just about perfect. And Jack Harkness has always had his doubts about Perfection.

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There is no such thing as too many Janto recs, yes?

Check out [ profile] lucy_locket's Recs Post, inspired by my need for as many fics as I can get my grubby little hands on and passing them on with a flourish and a Get a load of this!

(Also, check out Lucy's picspams and graphics, which are brilliant.)

(Also, I seem to be using these brackets a lot. Might have to curb that.)

[Maybe square instead?]
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Firstly, by [ profile] sam_storyteller:

Dresser and the sequel Naked

First Day

Sleeping my Way to the Top


Hard Bargain and Zero sum (These are two fics, but they were posted together.)

Out of those above I particularly enjoyed Hard Bargain, a pre-series AU about how Ianto joins Torchwood 3. It's given me a yen for welsh-farm-boy!Ianto so if anyone knows of any more, do let me know.

Now on to some other authors:

Blinkers by [ profile] blackbird_song

Green!injured!Ianto, auw! Told from Gwen's POV, bless her.

The Face of God by [ profile] alex51324

Ianto looks after a civilisation in a jam jar. So totally original, and don't forget the cute!

Every Day by [ profile] the9thdoctor and [ profile] leofuller

Another injured!Ianto fic, told this time from PC Andy's POV as someone observing Torchwood and Jack and Ianto's relationship. This is quite touching.
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Quantum is a just fancy word for "hell if I know" by [ profile] lyra_wing -- Jack/Ianto

Ignition by [ profile] sam_storyteller -- Jack/Ianto

Belonging by [ profile] timetraveled -- Jack/Ianto

Body Language bu [ profile] lyra_wing -- Jack/Ianto/John

I won't give descriptions because I'm in a bit of a hurry, but trust me they're all good and all safe.

And finally:

Torchwood Finale Upsets Hitler -- Vid (OMG, teh funnies. Tears. In. My. Eyes.)(Oh, and major spoilers, btw.)
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Bored of this yet? ~g~

Take Me There by [ profile] coffeejunkii

Jack and Ianto get some hands-on experience with The Joy of Gay Sex.

I know this sounds like it's only a PWP, but actually it's much more than that. Beatifully written, funny and tender. There is a potentially squicky element, but trust me and keep reading because it's worth it. I wasn't squicked at all and it is often a major one for me.

No Word For Yes by [ profile] sam_storyteller

Someday he will have a Jack-to-English dictionary. Though it will contain more than just the words, he supposes. And be unsuitable for children.

It's Sam, and if you've read my previous recs you'll know how good he is. I adored this little glimpse of Jack and Ianto in a domestic setting. It's how I imagine cannon to be, and I get such a thrill out of that.

Pavlov's Bell by [ profile] smirnoffmule

“It wasn’t as though his other charges were undemanding. Google wasn’t turning up much in the way of help on caring for your first pterodactyl, and Myfanwy wasn’t eating very well. At least, she wasn’t eating food very well. She ate technology, carrying out dawn raids on the computers and spreading wires about like entrails. She liked paperwork too, and shredded it with relish as fast as Ianto could file. And then there was Jack, who was blessedly uncurious about Ianto’s personal life, but none the less demanding in his own way.”

Another version of how Jack and Ianto initially got together. Again, completely believable. This is an angsty piece, and beautifully written. I love Ianto's desperation and pain, and I adore Jack's quiet concern and flirtatious behavior.

Right, that's me done for the evening. I'm off to watch X Factor.
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I'm slightly annoyed because I had two windows open in Firefox with recs ready to post today, but when I logged in this morning, Firefox had decided enough was enough and no I couldn't have any of the windows I'd had open the day before. So do you think I can remember the fics? Of course not.

But thank goodness I can remember what chapter I was on of the HP epic I'm reading. Anyway, does anyone know how to stop Firefox from forgetting all my stuff?

On to the rec:

Trying to Communicate by [ profile] sam_storyteller

There's an alien in the Hub, and it's trying to communicate. This borders perilously on crackfic.

Borders on crackfic is an understatement. I thought this was hilarious, but I'll admit it's an aquired taste. The very moment the alien speaks, you'll know whether or not you want to continue reading.

And after reading? I just had to make myself a cheeseburger.
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Sorry about the spammy posts this evening. I'm trying to catch up with myself.

Blind Date by [ profile] lady_razzle -- Jack/Ianto

It’s Ianto’s first solo field assignment. Jack is not best pleased.

More jealous!Jack anyone? Ianto is undercover trying to find an alien speed-dater. Jack is so cute with his disapproval, and I could completely see him behaving like this. I cackled.
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Inventory by [ profile] veronicaluv -- Jack/Ianto

Jack isn't the only one who appreciates a well-cut suit.

For lovers of territorial!Jack. Funny and cute.

Pocket Watch Boy by [ profile] mhalachaiswords -- Jack/Ianto

Ianto Jones is a very different sort of boy.

For lovers of plot and story. By the end, I felt quite inspired.
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Won't you Come Home to Me and All that I Ain't Got by [ profile] sam_storyteller Jack/Ianto

Jack doubles back on himself, and Ianto is left to arrange matters.

Time travel fic with a very simple premise. I adored this. The sequel is mainly told in a series of letters, emails and postcards and, actually, it's even better than the original. This fic is sweet and so very clever.
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Whiskey by [ profile] notevery -- Jack/Ianto

Jack and Ianto take a little roadtrip in search of a reported alien object. The coffee isn't very good, but the whiskey is.

Set pre-Cyberwoman. This is an angsty little piece about Ianto having to leave the Hub to go on an overnight trip with Jack. I can completely believe this happened. Both characters feel very real, Ianto a bundle of nerves and worry, and Jack so typically Jack in several different ways.

This isn't fluffy, but it is realistic and worth a read.
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For When it's Dark by [ profile] giddygeek -- Jack/Ianto

Injured and lost in the depths of the Hub, Ianto lets Jack lead them back.

Sweet and romantic without being at all fluffy. Great flashes of humour. Brilliantly written.
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It's definitely a fluffy day today, in more ways than one. Enter the animal!fics.

Of Cats, Rats and Men where Jack has been turned into a cat and Owen into a rat, and the sequel Dogs and Cats where Jack is back as a cat, and Ianto is a dog. Both by [ profile] ceeax_the_sane

Both very cute, but I prefer the sequel which is probably more Gwen/Rhys as they take care of Jack and Ianto in their animal forms. Very in character, and you can't help falling in love with Rhys a little bit more after this.
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I have found the Ultimate Janto Fluff.

Brrt by [ profile] misswinterhill -- Jack/Ianto

When the team capture a cute and furry little alien, it attaches itself to Ianto.

Think alien baby bears and Jack and Ianto Parenting. Alien!Kid!Fic! ZOMG, the fluff!

Angst fans, steer clear; fluff fans, bask in it.
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Because I'm an evil instigator, here is a post I found in [ profile] cowboyhd's journal for flash animation of all the major Jack/Ianto moments in Torchwood. I just spent the last half an hour watching them play over and over while I was on the phone to a friend. I forget which friend. What phone call?

Kissage and naked stuff!

Not dial-up friendly or worksafe, but luscious all the same.


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