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Nov. 4th, 2009 07:31 pm
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Whoops, meant to post this ealier but have brain like mongose with many holes.

Check out [ profile] ani_bester's Battle for the Costume

Awesome, yes?

I nearly fell down yesterday from the LOL'ing and the cute wee!batboys.
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[ profile] lyraeinne has written a wonderful overview of the Batfamily, including pics and community recs at [ profile] sequencialcrack. It's fun for those us already into this corner of the DC Comics fandom, but it also fuctions as a wonderful introduction for those of you wondering if a little bit of Bat!fic is just what you need (it is).
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I have made 46 icons for your pleasure. They are mostly Dick Grayson, but there are also some Damian and Tim in there plus a couple of villains.

Take, use, share, customise, spread the love. Credit is nice, but I won't send Dick to hunt you down if you don't. I'll send Damian

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It takes courage to face yourself in the mirror and look beyond the reflection
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Here is some random stuff-like stuff for you.


Involuntary Voyeur by Sperrywink -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

McGee might have kidded Tony about accidentally watching him have sex with a girl, but when Gibbs enters the picture, there's just no way.

Classic by Sperrywink -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

Gibbs wakes up from his coma different: A little softer and a lot more gay.

DC Comics/Marvel

All-New Batman, All-New Batdickery by [ profile] shananagin -- Dick Grayson (Batman)/Roy Harper (Red Arrow)

There's a new Batman in Gotham. Roy comes to visit.

Yadda Yadda by [ profile] shananagin -- Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Wade Wilson (Deadpool) (Marvel crossover)

Short two-comment ficlet. Best. Crack. Ever

Shut Up! by [ profile] shananagin -- Wade/Nate (Marvel)

An piece done only in dialogue. Nate and Wade have sex. Yeah, that's it.

Of Bonsais and Bondage by [ profile] ava_jamison -- Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Tim Drake (Robin)

Ivy's learned something new. So will Robin.

Worthy by [ profile] ladyk_d_azrael -- Dick Grayson (Batman)/Future!Damian Wayne (Robin)

D/S, spanking, smut. Dick is about 30 years old here, and Damian is 17 (which is over the legal age of consent where I come from. He’s fictional, ok? I’m not advocating you do this with your own teenage sidekick IRL).

Speaking of Damian Wayne, I have started a new community (for the ten people who actually like him): [ profile] we_love_damian [ profile] we_love_damian [ profile] we_love_damian. Well, it was time [ profile] we_love_dick had himself a baby brother ~g~ Please come join because Damian is the best thing to happen to DC Comics in a long time. in a while. for months. for weeks since Tuesday.

Lastly, because you've all been so patient, here are some Hilarious Spiderman Scans.
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Title: Dick's Tips.
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Tim/Dick
Author: [ profile] suki_blue
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Over the years, Dick imparts much wisdom.
Warnings None.

[ profile] darkhavens, Tip eight is especially for you.

Also posted to [ profile] we_love_dick and [ profile] batfic.

Dick's Tips )
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You know those blowy things people have at birthday parties, what would you American folks call those? Just to clarify, you put them in your mouth just after your shout 'Surprise!' and they make a noise. They're annoying but fun.

I'm writing a Nightwing/Robin fic and I totally blame [ profile] darkhavens for the BatFlash section.

In other news, I'm very hot. I have a sweaty bum.
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Title: Boyfriends

Fandom: DC Comics

Pairing: Tim/Dick

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Tim and Dick have been sleeping together for the last six months. It's just sex. Or is it? Tim's POV.

Warnings/Squicks: Small amount of bloodplay. Slight brother!kink.

Many thanks to [ profile] kitty_poker1 for the read-through, and to [ profile] amejisuto for the fantastic beta.


Cross-posted to (here comes the pimping) [ profile] batfic and to mine and Ame's Dick Grayson com [ profile] we_love_dick


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