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Nov. 4th, 2009 07:31 pm
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Whoops, meant to post this ealier but have brain like mongose with many holes.

Check out [ profile] ani_bester's Battle for the Costume

Awesome, yes?

I nearly fell down yesterday from the LOL'ing and the cute wee!batboys.
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DC Comics

Closure by [ profile] ladyk_d_azrael -- Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne

Dick needs to talk things over with Damian so he can move on. The first thing he needs to establish is whether or not the whole affair was only in his own imagination.

I LOVELOVELOVELOVE and LOVE this fic. Wonderful writing and extrodinarily accurate characterisation. Lady K not only gives us great Dick, but a Damian who is in parts strong, vulnerable, and permanently broken and fixed. This fic makes me trill like a Tribble.

(By the way, I really want a Tribble and I completely blame [ profile] ionaonie for that)
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[ profile] lyraeinne has written a wonderful overview of the Batfamily, including pics and community recs at [ profile] sequencialcrack. It's fun for those us already into this corner of the DC Comics fandom, but it also fuctions as a wonderful introduction for those of you wondering if a little bit of Bat!fic is just what you need (it is).

DC Recs!

Aug. 31st, 2009 06:06 pm
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Moments in Time by [ profile] shananagin - Dick Grayson gen fic.

Snapshots of Dick and his family throughout the ages.

I have so much love for this. Excellent characterisation. Everything I love about Dick is in this fic.

Homesick by [ profile] crch_schatten -- Damian Wayne genfic.

He will understand if it is the last thing he ever does!

In all fairness we don't really have a lot of Damian to go on just yet, but I don't think this author needs anything more. She's nailed him in one short fic. Got to admire that.
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Here is some random stuff-like stuff for you.


Involuntary Voyeur by Sperrywink -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

McGee might have kidded Tony about accidentally watching him have sex with a girl, but when Gibbs enters the picture, there's just no way.

Classic by Sperrywink -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

Gibbs wakes up from his coma different: A little softer and a lot more gay.

DC Comics/Marvel

All-New Batman, All-New Batdickery by [ profile] shananagin -- Dick Grayson (Batman)/Roy Harper (Red Arrow)

There's a new Batman in Gotham. Roy comes to visit.

Yadda Yadda by [ profile] shananagin -- Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Wade Wilson (Deadpool) (Marvel crossover)

Short two-comment ficlet. Best. Crack. Ever

Shut Up! by [ profile] shananagin -- Wade/Nate (Marvel)

An piece done only in dialogue. Nate and Wade have sex. Yeah, that's it.

Of Bonsais and Bondage by [ profile] ava_jamison -- Dick Grayson (Nightwing)/Tim Drake (Robin)

Ivy's learned something new. So will Robin.

Worthy by [ profile] ladyk_d_azrael -- Dick Grayson (Batman)/Future!Damian Wayne (Robin)

D/S, spanking, smut. Dick is about 30 years old here, and Damian is 17 (which is over the legal age of consent where I come from. He’s fictional, ok? I’m not advocating you do this with your own teenage sidekick IRL).

Speaking of Damian Wayne, I have started a new community (for the ten people who actually like him): [ profile] we_love_damian [ profile] we_love_damian [ profile] we_love_damian. Well, it was time [ profile] we_love_dick had himself a baby brother ~g~ Please come join because Damian is the best thing to happen to DC Comics in a long time. in a while. for months. for weeks since Tuesday.

Lastly, because you've all been so patient, here are some Hilarious Spiderman Scans.
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Merry Christmas to you all for tomorrow. May you all have much fun and food and prezzies, and for those of you who are able to watch it, do enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Here is a festive rec for you, from the DC Comics fandom. The Visitor: A Christmas Ficlet by [ profile] freddylloyd It's a Christmas Dick and Tim (Nightwing and Robin) genfic. And it rhymes. Seriously. I admire anyone that can master any kind of poetry, and this is sheer genius. It's totally brilliant, sweet and funny, and really put a massive smile on my face. It's only 656 words so do give it a go and get some Christmas cheer.
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Firstly, you've all seen the new Half-Blood Prince Promo Pics, yes? Fourth one down: check out the fight or fuck expressions. Secondly, [ profile] literati made me some icons from the pics, which are just beautiful, so thank you so much, honey!! ~squishes~

Also, here's a post containing a new location shot of Jack and Ianto. I'm probably way more excited about this than I should be but I'm so high on all the visuals today I feel like combusting.

And now for some recs:

Walking the Line by Silent Auror -- Harry/Draco

Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

I meant to rec this yonks ago. Plotty, epic, full of angst and lust, this one is a fandom must.

And Then the Heroes Came Along by [ profile] roga Stargate: Atlantis/DC Comics Crossover; Gen, (but McSheppy if you squint.)

You would think that grown men would be able to interact with Superman and Batman without turning into thirteen-year-old girls. You would be wrong.

Frickin' hilarious! You have to read this. Please believe me. That's all I'm saying.
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I would like to start with something a little strange (thank you [ profile] amejisuto for spotting this one):

Strays by [ profile] captain_emily -- Batmobile/Ford Anglia (HP/DC Comics Crossover)

Batman has car trouble, while everyone else is amused. And people wonder why he hates magic?

What can I say about this one? I'll tell you. OMG, the crack!

Reach Out and Touch Someone by [ profile] tanarian -- Jack/Ianto

After Jack has gone, Ianto gets a phone call...

Takes place over a series of phone calls. Best fic I've ever seen of this type in any fandom.

They Grip the Ground by [ profile] giddygeek -- Jack/Ianto

Trees and Rhinos and imaginations, oh my! (Fuck, I suck at summaries.)

So very funny. Love Owen in this. Short.

12 Stopwatch Scenarios by [ profile] clarity_lore -- Jack/Ianto

*That* stopwatch

Cute and funny and sweet.
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Up on the Roof by [ profile] ladybugkay

Fandom: DC Comics/Torchwood Crossover

Characters: Dick, Jack. Implied pairings: Dick/Tim and Jack/Ianto

Word count: 1889

Why you should read? Jack perving at Dick in his costume. Seriously, this a really nice roof-top scene. I need more!


Nov. 20th, 2006 11:07 pm
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Everyone drop what you're doing and go read Meeting of the Minds by [ profile] glossing. It's Dick/Bart, Batman, Robin and it made me choke on my orange squash. Seriously, even if you're not big into DC, give it a go.


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