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Someone just posted a link to this YouTube vid at [ profile] doctorwho and I nearly keeled over laughing. It's not actually Doctor Who related and if you like funny animal videos, you'll like this.

Blink and you're dead! )
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My computer is back to running smoothly. I've lost a fair amount of stuff but most of it can be replaced easily enough and it was also a good excuse to switch to a cheaper virus protection. Mostly I'm gutted that I lost Frontpage 2003 and my Sim!Xander and Sim!Spike and their Sim!crypt. :oD All fics and pics and icons and fanart are safe and sound, but I did loose the data to Empires: Dawn of the Modern World - I was on the cusp of a major invasion, damn it!

I had another McShep dream last night. There was a scary giant squid and a cage that you had to lock yourself inside so the squid couldn't get you. There was also a rowing boat and the natives slept in nests on roofs.

What else? Oh, are in my bad books. Not only have they taken down all my vids but they've also permanently deleted my account. The bastards! I got no warning apart from in the last two emails which were sent a day apart a couple of days ago. Talk about jumping the gun. Motherfuckers. If I'd realised that could happen I would have taken them all down ages ago. I planned to move on anyway. Shit. Well, at least I'd d/l all the best vids to my hardrive.

Also, I have a real fascination with Lily Allen. Do you guys outside of the UK know her? I'm really into this song - Alfie so I've uploaded it for you to hear. It's odd, but it makes me laugh.
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I found this and I love it!! Made me sniffly, though. Get the tissues ready. Spoilers for S3

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Title: Ordinary
Artist: Train (From the Spiderman 2 soundtrack)
Vidder: [ profile] suki_blue
Summary: They're saving the galaxy for each other
Pairing/Character: McShep
Format: YouTube and WMV

Possible spoilers right up to the end of S3

Click here to view on YouTube
Click here tp download 16.65mb version
Click here to download 122.16mb version
Click here to download 180.93mb version
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Title: Wipe Out
Artist:The Surfaris - Performed by Animal from the Muppets
Vidder: [ profile] suki_blue
Summary: The wacky adventure of Puppet Angel.
Spoilers: S5 Ats - Smile Time
Category: Comedy
Format: YouTube and WMV
Size: 10.5mb

Click here to view on YouTube
Download from Spread-it
Download from Megaupload

I was in the mood to be silly, as I often am, and this is the result.

(YouTube is being a bitca. Let me know if you have trouble or just d/l the WMV; (it's only a small file))
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Title: Star Trekkin'
Artist:The Firm
Vidder: [ profile] suki_blue
Summary: A comedic look at life in the Pegasus Galaxy (or, fun stuff)- All clips are from Season 3 up to and including Tao. Beware the spoilers!
Pairing/Character: The whole team
Category: Comedy
Format: YouTube and WMV

Dedicated to [ profile] darkhavens who brainwashes everyone in her path. Thanks, luv!

Click here to view on YouTube
Download from Spread-it
Download from Megaupload

This is my first attempt at vidding so I'm extra scared. Wow, it feels like the first time I posted fic!! Eeek!
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Here's a Heroes vid I've just found by AnaB who also did the Drag Mchep vid that I pimped a few weeks ago. I just think it's a great song and has some nice little clips from this new series that I completely adore. This girl sure knows how to edit. I shall be watching her work very closely.

Ordinary )
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Okay, guys. Turn on your speakers an watch this little snippet.

Oh, bless!! )

I actually found this on [ profile] youtubegold which I have now joined. Let the funny start rolling in!!
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I was just taking a break from the next chappy of Teenage Dirtbag and was surfing the wonderful world of I've just come across - not literally - yet - an absolutely fantastic McShep vid. Fantastic song, really good, fast pace and great editing that just puts you in a trance.

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I'm not sure who to blame for my sudden obsession with It started last week when I began hunting out McShep vids and then got worse when Neb posted her footage of the Btvs cast on MTV Videos that Don't Suck. Then Kitty made it worse by sending me a link to the funniest barking cat video ever.

So, I've spent the last hour surfing The 'Tube and I found this. This teeny tiny video (which will require sound)is exactly the way I feel about work. I just about died when I saw this.

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