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Under the cut are just a few pics out of the hundreds (literally) I took at this weekend's Hallowhedon Convention. I will do a report and link back later this evening.

Hallowhedon 30th October - 1st November 2009 )
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Yesterday, [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] accioscar and I went to the British Film institute to see the premiere of episode 1 season 2 of Merlin. Despite feeling like complete crap, I had a wonderful day. Kitty and I did the London Eye and Aquarium earlier on in the day and then we met Scar outside the venue for the screening.

I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but I'd just briefly like to assure everyone on my flist who loves this show, that going by this first episode and the mix trailer, season 2 is going to be every bit as good as season one. And, yes, the slashy 'subtext' is still there in all its glory, starting about three seconds into episode 1. From the cheering and clapping, we slashers were clearly a majority. A children's event, they said! Silly BFI. They'll learn.

The Q & A afterwards was a lot of fun and I wish it had been longer. Funniest moment was the person who forgot Anthony Head's name and after umming and ahhing for a while simply called him Giles. WIN!

Kitty, Scar and I were in the front row and Colin and Bradly were a mere five feet away from us. I had several long internal debates about whether I should be staring at them or not. I couldn't help myself! They are both just as gorgeous in the flesh and Colin has the cutest smile I think I've ever seen. I need to think about it, but Colin/Merlin could be my new woobie. God knows I need someone to take over from Ianto Jones.

Bradley is a very funny man. His humour is slow and dry and more than once his way with words had Anthony Head giggling. Yes, Anthony Head is a giggler. It's official.

After the Q & A, lots of us gathered outside for the chance of another glimpse of the cast and maybe autographs. We were rewarded with Anthony Head and Katy McGrath. Kitty asked Tony if he would be attending Hallowhedon, but he hadn't heard anything about it. He did say he hoped Nicholas Brendon and James Masters wold pop over to see him if they were in the country. When I got my autograph, I had to have my usual fangirl moment and I told him he was 'the best king EVA!' He pulled up and puffed out, gave me a big smile and said 'thank you very much!'. Well, it's more or less proven now; I cannot go to a fan event without making a tit out of myself. Who remembers 'thank you for being so awesome!' to Burn Gorman at the Hub?

We weren't allowed to take photos at the event, but I manged to get in a couple before we were told to stop. Feel free to take them and use them, anyone. What's mine is yours etc. Dial-up people beware.

Photos! )
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Yes, you heard that right! Yesterday, [ profile] kitty_poker1 and I attended James's Mastersclass. It was a rather pricey event, but worth every single penny. It was just what I needed to take my mind off things at home. And as I suspected, James and Gareth David-Lloyd were fabulous together.

Cut for a full account and photos )
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Under the cut is me with Eve, Gareth and Matt Rippy. I haven't included the one with Kai because I looked like a shape-shifting alien that fails at life.

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And stuff. )
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Today, I come wielding photos. Under the first cut is a picture of me I took earlier. I thought it might make it easier for those of you going to Hub to spot me.

Under the second cut is a picture of my latest knitted creation.

ME!! )

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's two weeks worth of dropped stitches and backwards hair. )

Two more sleeps 'til the Hub! OMG!!!
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Went to the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earles Court today. It was a brilliant day, a nice late start, lunch at Starbucks and then the exhibition. R even supplied chocolate brownies. YUM!

The exhibition was fantastic! There were props and costumes and models, touchscreens and Big Red Buttons that had to be pushed. There were Cybermen, Daleks, K9, Ood and a whole load of other iconic DW figures that I can't spell. The Queen of Racnoss was massive and really freaky, and both of us were seriously bricking it. We scuttled past it eventually, me firmly positioned behind my friend. Davros made an appearance towards the end, along with three Daleks that moved and screamed and exterminated. So. Very. Cool.

And afterwards, I bought a diecast gold Dalek, a Dalek coaster and a souvenir guidebook. I went home a very happy fan indeed.

Under the cut are some photos of the day, including a couple of me with the Face of Boe and an Angel from Blink.

Blink and you're Dead! )

P.S. Merlin picspam of ep 2 Valiant due tomorrow, taken an age because I've gone way overboard.
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It was such a lovely day today I decided to take Indy on an extended walk down to the local lakes. He had a fabulous time bounding, sniffing, swimming etc. Weird how I came home wetter though. Huh ...

Wanna see pics? I took these on my camera phone so they're a bit pants.

Swim, my little black friend )
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Firstly, and shit I should have done this a couple of days ago, thank you so very much to my darling [ profile] amejisuto for my Buffy books, the second of which arrived a couple of days ago. They're so helpful and very interesting, plus I didn't actually have any guides for the latter seasons. Already the second book has helped and I shall be including a particular scene in the next chapter of Teenage Dirtbage which was originally intended to be included in the episode Prophecy Girl. Watch out for it and points to those that spot it!

Secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you to [ profile] trekgirl55 for the tea and the Fortune Snookies. I haven't tried the tea yet (saving it for Saturday), but Indy has already gone flip-me-upside-down-crazy for the Snookies. I came home from my late shift this evening to find him sitting in front of a large brown box; apparantly Grandad had read the custom label and announced to him that there were, indeed, Fortune Snookies "all the way from America!" inside. I do believe Indy spent approx seven hours staring at the box before I came home. LOL!

Both of you, thank you so much. I'm all sniffly that you guys care enough to think of me and supply me with presents. Hee!

And now for the picspam:

Indy, the Fortune Snookies and Grandad )


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