Feb. 1st, 2009

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I have period pain and no hot water or heating. The Housing trust were informed that my grandfather is slowly developing hypothermia six hours ago when I contacted their emergency out-of-hours service. I phoned them again an hour ago and they had no record of my original call.

No wonder so many elderly people literally freeze to death. No one gives a fuck, do they?

I like things in threes so I feel I must find something else to moan about aside from the heating and the period pain. Let me think. Okay, I am hungry and I can't start the Sunday Roast without any hot water to wash it up after and knowing my luck, the engineer will turn up right in the middle of things and I'll burn my roasties.
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Named after the fictional serial killer of the same name, because apparently he looks rather sinister. He's meant to be a jelly baby and I completed him a few days ago as the first of my No More Fags For Me! projects.

As you can see, I made many errors, but this is the risk you take when you knit and watch gay sex on the telly at the same time.


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