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2009-11-16 05:19 pm


Oh, my LORD, I just did the craziest thing. I just bought my friend R a ticket to see Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds at the O2 next December. Of course I had to buy a ticket for myself too because it would be unkind to make her go on her own and also I've loved WotW since I was a little girl. I used to listen to it repeatedly wearing my Grandad's humongous headphones and every time that martian cylinder unscrewed I would shake with fear. Didn't stop me listening to it, though!

Anyway, that's one more Christmas present sorted out. Is it cruel to give someone a gift they won't be able to use for an entire year? Just thought of that, lol.

OMG, Jason Donovan and Justin Hayward will be performing and Jeff Wayne himself will be conducting. I'm so excited! And so fricking broke. I've got one hell of a bill to pay next month, eeep!

How am I going to keep this a secret from R until Christmas?! MY MOUTH IS TOO LARGE FOR THIS!
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2009-11-16 04:55 pm

Alice Cooper -- Sun 6th December

Does anyone want a ticket to see Alice Cooper at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday 6th December? I have a ticket going spare. It was my ticket, but after several weeks of thought I've decided I can't handle the crowds. It's a standing only ticket and my friends want to queue all day and get squished down the front. It's not for me. So, any takers? No charge, I'd just rather someone got some use from the ticket rather than me throwing it in the bin.

Anyone? Or do you know anyone? Seriously, comment and it's yours.
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2009-11-16 01:54 pm

RIP Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward died today, aged 79

Very sad. I used to love him in the Equalizer, and The Wicker Man fightened the shite out of me. He was a fabulous actor and will be missed by many.
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2009-11-13 04:15 pm

The New Batgirl

We're up to issue 4 now of the new Batgirl and I actually rather like it. I wasn't sure how I felt about Steph in the role as I kinda liked her as Spoiler even though she irritated the hell out of me. I love that she makes mistakes (see War Games for the biggest whoopsie of all time). She's flawed and I sort of love her for that. Not convinced about the costume yet. I think I just need to get used to it. I do love the humour, though. It's cute.

Four scans under the cut )
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2009-11-12 04:31 pm

Picspam Time!

Only a small one this time because I feel it is my duty to take a moment to point out the most beautiful man in the Universe. His name is Matthew Bomer and he's on a new show called White Collar playing a convicted felon named Neal Caffrey. Seriously, take a look because this man is stunning. I think he actually makes my heart beat a little faster.

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2009-11-11 07:02 pm

My nipples are a little sore ...

... so it's probably nearly that time of the month, which might explain my sudden emotional outburst yesterday. There I was happily catching up with DC's Blackest Night, specifically Issue 3 of the Titans tie-in, and I burst into tears. I'm marking the moment here because it's the first time a comic has made me cry.

The offending scans are under the cut.

Warning: Don't expect it to be a pleasant click )
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2009-11-09 07:50 pm
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Oh Bradley, I heart you.

Just been watching Secrets and Magic for episode 3 of Merlin. Bradley cracks me up with that camera. He was using it at a deserted train station and was so bored he started playing with the remote control, getting right down on the ground until, 'two people have just turned up and seen me rolling around on the station floor. A little embarrassing'.

LMAO!! Trust Bradley to cheer me up.
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2009-11-09 05:49 pm

My Shit-List

2, My Bank
3, The Post Office
4, Fuckers Who Steal

Today, I learned the phrase 'tin-hatter' and I'm pleased because now I have a word for what I've just turned into. This must be a conspiracy. A while back, some bastard stole my card numbers and bought insurance and numerous other expensive online products. The bank refunded me and issued a new card. The bank then took the money back because I didn't send them the required forms. I did. Twice. So whoes fault is that, the bank or the Post Office? It's gets worse. Today I find more debits amounting to £80.00 using my NEW card details from the R.A.Fucking.C! Apparently, insurers can gain access to new card details when old ones become inactive. Well, I'm sure that's dandy for the idiot twats who forget that they need insurance when a card is expired or stopped, but for those of us who have had our personal details stolen it is a fucking violation!!!!!

I'm so angry right now I can't even think.
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2009-11-09 04:23 pm

Fic Recs!

Harry Potter

Little Red Courgette by [ profile] blamebrampton -- Harry/Draco

When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?

This fic is from the [ profile] hd_career_fair and is hilarious. This author writes a wonderful Draco.


In From the Cold by [ profile] ladyjanelly -- Jared/Jensen AU

Jared works in a free-clinic and Jensen is homeless. This is wonderful h/c and superbly written.
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2009-11-08 04:49 pm

I know I said I wouldn't ...

I had the time of my life at The Hub 2 and booked The Hub 3 immediately. But inbetween that time the unthinkable happened, Children of Earth, and I said that The Hub 3 would be my last.


We had such a fantastic time that [ profile] kitty_poker1, [ profile] sweet_exile and [ profile] accioscar and I have just this minute booked Gold tickets for The Hub 4. Yes, we are crazy, but we are also very happy. It's not even really about Torchwood anymore. Personally, I'm only on the fringes of that fandom now, but these events are so much fun and such good value for money, I can't stay away. More than anything, it's about hanging out with good friends and meeting new ones. And it's also all about the squishing of bellies.

So, who else is coming the The Hub 4? ~cough~ [ profile] piksa? ~cough~
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2009-11-08 02:18 pm

Merlin Picspam -- Beauty and the Beast - Part One

In a land of myth and a time of magic, I promised more picspams. I did not deliver. But now, with time on my hands and Sneaky Friends Who Persuade, I have returned with a brand new offering. Before you click and gaze upon my chosen pics and accompanying commentary, let me please point out that it is strangely difficult to find unintentional crack within such a cracked-up episode. I hope you will not be disappointed and, as always, please remember that I only poke fun at shows that I adore. I do not mean what I say. I don't mean that either.

All caps are by me and are free to take, use and alter. No credit required.

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2009-11-06 05:14 pm

I Smell Crack

What with Saturday's episode of Merlin and this week's episode of Supernatural, me thinks the Gods of Television have caught on to the universal love of crack. Crack unites the masses! It's put me in a cracktastic mood and so I'm working on a new Merlin picspam.
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2009-11-04 07:31 pm

Art Rec!

Whoops, meant to post this ealier but have brain like mongose with many holes.

Check out [ profile] ani_bester's Battle for the Costume

Awesome, yes?

I nearly fell down yesterday from the LOL'ing and the cute wee!batboys.
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2009-11-04 06:18 pm

Fic Rec: Dick/Future!Damian

DC Comics

Closure by [ profile] ladyk_d_azrael -- Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne

Dick needs to talk things over with Damian so he can move on. The first thing he needs to establish is whether or not the whole affair was only in his own imagination.

I LOVELOVELOVELOVE and LOVE this fic. Wonderful writing and extrodinarily accurate characterisation. Lady K not only gives us great Dick, but a Damian who is in parts strong, vulnerable, and permanently broken and fixed. This fic makes me trill like a Tribble.

(By the way, I really want a Tribble and I completely blame [ profile] ionaonie for that)
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2009-11-04 04:24 pm

Happy Birthday [ profile] bigdamnxenafan

Have a lovely birthday, hon!

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2009-11-04 04:19 pm

Happy Birthday [ profile] kazzy_cee! -
Myspace Graphics

Have a great day, luv!
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2009-11-02 08:07 pm

Thank you!

I'm spamming today, but I promise this is the last post. Then I'm going to curl up in a ball somewhere because I'm VERY tired.

Thank you so much to everyone who posted and texted birthday wishes. Thank you for all the ecards and the virtual LJ gifts. A special mention to [ profile] vinniebatman who wrote me a beautiful Jack/Ianto fic that made me bawl my eyes out. The End of a Fixed Point

I feel sort of bad that I haven't been around much lately. I will try to rectify this, starting this week. I love you all so please don't ever take my absences personally. I just have lots to deal with plus the fact that I'm a bad communicator and I'm one of the most disorganised people on the planet, and if I say I'm going to do something tomorrow that actually means I'll do it in approximately 42 days (or 78 if no-one reminds me).

Anyway, thank you again. I shall treasure every message, card and gift.