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Only a small one this time because I feel it is my duty to take a moment to point out the most beautiful man in the Universe. His name is Matthew Bomer and he's on a new show called White Collar playing a convicted felon named Neal Caffrey. Seriously, take a look because this man is stunning. I think he actually makes my heart beat a little faster.

Are you starting to see what I mean? It was that little mischief [ profile] darkhavens that convinced me to watch this show last night but even then I had no real idea he was this knock-me-down-with-a-giant-rubber-dildo hot.

After many years of avoiding it, this scene gave me Prison Fetish.

OMG, that hat. Burk: 'You look like a cartoon'. Yes he does, but a cartoon that I would happily fuck until we're all out of ink.

Burke's wife. I like her.

Is anyone else thinking threesome? Watch this scene and you will too.

I really want to say something funny but there's too much smut in my head. That's a priest he's talking to there and still the smut remains.

The question is, are these two slashable? Neal Caffrey, obviously, yes. FBI Agent Peter Burk? Hmmm ... yeah, okay, you twisted my arm.

See? It's impossible but he gets more and more gorgeous as the minutes tick by. I also have a weird urge to lick his eyebrows.

Sexual Tension? You betcha!

It was at this point that I had an epiphany. Look at that face, then look at the hair, and then look at those eyes. Now tell me, folks, how perfect would this guy be to play Nightwing if the Titans movie ever goes ahead??? Y/Y? Dude, I found my Dick Grayson!


I'm picturing them grappling against that door. Hmm, I need fic about that.

Did I mention he's clever too? Yes, my new boyfriend is multi-talented.


Slashtastic? There's definitely potential. Hettastic? Yep. Fanfictastic? It's already started.

Oh, I nearly forgot, the show is quite good, too. Now, point me towards the comms, good people!

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