Oct. 21st, 2009

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As some of you may know I haven't been online much recently due to my English Lit exam so I've missed a lot of chat, a lot of gossip and a truck load of fic and television. Therefore I declare myself absolutely blameless for not realising how fricking fantabulous Stargate: Universe is. I'm catching up with Skyplayer at the moment and just finished episode 3. Holy Ancient Starship! I think I've found my new favourite show. Wow. I love everything about it from the scripts to the characters to the actors to the sountrack. I am so on-board.

And just for the record, I really don't feel NCIS: LA. I'll tell you what annoys me most. It's the stupid music that accompanies the 'comedy' moments. As far as I'm concerned a soundscore should compliment specific scenes, not point them out. It's like they are are using the music to scream, 'Hey, everybody, it's funny! Laugh! For god's sake LAUGH!' The comedy isn't the music so it won't make a scene funnier when the lines suck so bad. You shouldn't really notice the music; it should blend. For me, it just plain grates. I'm not saying the series is totally bad, but I'm hearing that it's doing quite well in the ratings and I'm just not sure why.

Have been playing the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game on my PC this week. It's awesome and if I could I'd sit and play day and night and day again. And then night. Then I might get some sleep. Until it's time to play again. I am, of course, rubbish at it, my main problem being that whenever I try to sneak up on a hostile to do a silent takedown, I accidentally whip out my Batarang and boink him on the back of the head -- at which point the hostile turns around and shoots me at point blank range with an automatic weapon. Every time.

Lastly, have been watching Torchwood: Children of Earth again. Made it up to and including Day 3. Can't go any further. Nope. I Just can't. Shall watch more SG:U and this week's NCIS and NCIS: LA instead.


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