Jun. 16th, 2009

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Internet connection went down last night, just as I opened my LJ. FAIL!

Computer chugging like Thomas the Tank Engine's asthmatic, backwards cousin Salma the Scrapheap. FAIL!

Brand new hardcore motherfucker computer ordered and finance arranged. WINWINWINWINWINWINWINWINWIN!

Wow, soon, I might actually be able to use LJ for over an hour without the page freezing. I'll be able to use more than two applications at once! My monitor and dining room window need never feel threatened again. In fact, be gone to the side of the room lousy 15" screen, and helloooooo sexy 22" love god!
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I finished watching season 6 of NCIS this week and my reaction is as follows: Eeeep!

Under the cut is a slightly more detailed reaction:

Eeep etc etc )

And now for some fic pimps

A Thousand Miles (Mend What is Broken) by [livejournal.com profile] chatona -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

“I want you to come home, Tony.”

This was originally rec'd to me by [livejournal.com profile] motschekiebchen who was one of the many people people who responded to my plea for NCIS recs (and thank you, btw, to everyone who commented with what were some brilliant fics). Anyway, why should you read this one? Because it's beautifully written. Simples!

Tony's Dry Spell by [livejournal.com profile] xanthestories -- Gibbs/DiNozzo

Tony finds out the *real* reason for his recent lack of hot sex.

This is a tag fic to Ep 6x18 Knockout, and it's total crack. Very funny. Also, within this here fic, the author explains one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the entire show. I totally buy it. Do you?

That's it for recs, and I would like to end this post on a slight change of subject. My post-NCIS telly-watching project is Criminal Minds. I am nine eps into season 1. OMG, REID!!! NEW WOOBIE!!!! ~huggles him~ I'm loving the father and son thing going on between him and Gideon. But who to slash him with ...? Wait, do I have to slash everyone? Yeah, pretty much.


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