Jun. 2nd, 2009

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I'm supposed to to be under radio silence while I finish my essay, but I needed to pop my head up briefly to tell you about last night.

[livejournal.com profile] kitty_poker1 and I went to see John Barrowman in concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I'm not completely sure what I expected, but I am sure that I got more. He was absolutely wonderful. His singing was powerful, his dancing wonderfully camp and choreographed with the other dancers, and his little stories between songs were hilarious. I can happily say that Kitty and I had the most fantastic evening. It was well worth every penny of the ticket price and I would see him again in a flash.

The Royal Albert Hall was amazing. I'd never been there before and, as it turns out, John had never done a show of his own there before. You could see immediately that he was awed by it, then he made us all shout a word and then ran off giggling that he'd just made the Royal Albert Hall shout 'SHITE!'.

I nearly cried twice. First time when he dedicated a song to his dogs who had passed on and photos of them flashed up in the background. Second time when Daniel Boys sang Somewhere over the Rainbow, because that's the song my sister sang and recorded for our brother's memorial. And by the way, I'm so buying Daniel's album because he is an awesome talent. The duet with John was unbelievable.

At the end of the evening, John got a standing ovation and after a moment there was some murmuring from the front rows and I couldn't work out what they were 'ahhh'ing about until I heard John's voice crack. He cried into his towel, bless him, which nearly started me off again. But typical John, afterward, he blew his nose loudly into the towel and gave it to a girl in the audience.

Highlight of the evening? The leather kilts and John's parents dancing onstage with him.

Overall verdict: I wish we'd booked more than the one date. Should have gone to Brighton, too. And Cardiff.

Right, I'm going under again. Will be able to catch up with comments and stuff owed in a day or two.


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