Mar. 23rd, 2009

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All day I've been saying that I'm gonna post but must answer this email and that email first, and look at this post and oh might as well look at that one, too, and check out my Twitter and update the memories at [ profile] we_love_dick. Now I'm finally ready and I can't remember what I was actually going to post about. Hmmm.

So instead here's some Hal Sparks info that I forgot to post last week, plus stuff I found out today. It's all very well being a week behind everyone else, but when you're a week behind yourself you know you've got trouble ;o)

HAL SPARKS IS ON TWITTER!!!! I probably got way too excited about this, but I have such a huge crush. I'm so following him and I shall occasionally reply to his tweets which he might even read, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

While I'm on the subject of Hal, yes I have been stalking him around the internet. I've found some stand-up clips that prove how funny he is in RL and I've also found some of his music. That boy can REALLY hit those notes.


I love Helsinki so much I've ordered the album from a seller on who seems to be the band's drummer.

For those who are wondering WTF? Hal is Michael Novotny from Queer as Folk (US version) and I luffs him. He's definitely next on my list of people I must one day meet. I wonder if he ever does any conventions over here. Kitty, we may have to go on another adventure.


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