Feb. 17th, 2009

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Happy birthday, honey. You're a special friend and I love you very much. Never leave me!!!
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Last night I had a nightmare about Torchwood. I dreamed that I switched on the BBC HD channel and there was season 3, episode 2! Where was episode 1?! I found myself surrounded by hundreds of brightly coloured TV guides, but there were so many and more kept falling down from the ceiling and I couldn't read them anyway because they were all written in gobbledygook.

Suddenly I somehow knew that the BBC hadn't shown episode 1 and I was mortified. 'What will this do to the ratings,' I cried!! Fretting and feeling tearful, I sat down on the big pile of TV guides and started watching episode 2. Ianto was injured and Jack was taking off his (Ianto's) shirt and kissing his neck. "Jack, it really hurts,' Ianto said. 'This looks good,' I said. But then, disaster!! Half naked Ianto suddenly turned and thwacked Jack across the face and stole his leather wrist-strap! Betrayal!!!! Oh noes!!!

A short while later I was hiding under a hospital bed from a deformed man who was stuck to the ceiling. I was then discovered by Gwen's sister who was only four foot tall and had a bob hair cut.

Now, would someone like to analyse all of that? ~g~

Also, I have New Hair. I've had it coloured with streaks of dark brown, copper and blonde, and it's been straightened. If I do say so myself, it looks fricking fantastic!
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[livejournal.com profile] allyndra has written me Jack/Ianto porn to encourage me in my quest to quit smoking. It's post Journey's End and deliciously hot. And aside from giving me the urge to jump the next bloke I see (which I nearly did on the bus just today, but that's another story), it's beautifully written and is hands-down the best episode tag to Journey's End I've ever seen. Perfectly in character, lovely details and completely believable. There be plot to this porn, just how I like it.

Thank you, honey!

Now, everybody go read! To Rights


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