Jan. 29th, 2009

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Several nights ago I started downloading 22 gigs of files on to my desktop computer using Vuze (previously Azureus). That's all five seasons of the US QAF. I have the first three seasons anyway, but one of them is a US box set, and I'm not prepared to shell out fifty quid each for seasons 4 and 5 when I'll want to buy the region 2 sets when they're released. Also, downloads good for screencapping.

Anyway, I left my pooter on and went on my merry way to bed. I switched on my PS3 and immediately noticed it was picking Vuze up as a media server. Problem was, there were no files showing to stream. Damn. So, I have spent the last few days pressing buttons, googling, swearing, shaking my fist at the computer gods and repeating the words 'But it must work somehow!'

And tonight, finally, through a combination of determination and dumb luck, I found a teeny tiny ticky box, which I ticked, and when I turned on my PS3, there it all was. Every episode of QAF just waiting to be watched.

It means I'll have to keep leaving my computer on and the quality of the picture on some of the eps is a bit crappy, but I'll finally be able to find out exactly what happens to Michael and Hunter in season 4!! OMG, I get to see more Ben and Michael smoochies!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


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