Jan. 25th, 2009

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I finally got around to buying the original UK Queer as Folk on DVD so I could throw out my videos which are sort of stretched and worn in certain places ~cough~. I am now totally obsessed with Vince. He really is one of the cutest guys I've ever clapped eyes on. Wierdly, when I originally watched the show, I liked Stuart and Nathan. Apparently my tastes have matured. And this might sound terribly odd, but I so see him with Ianto! That might be partly due to my ever-present Ianto obsession, but I think they'd make a lovely couple, Ianto all sweetly stoic and Vince chattering on. Let us all take a moment to also consider the hotness.

After I worked myself up into a state of OMGLOVE!OMGLOVE!OMGLOVE! I decided it was time to continue watching the US version of QAF, so I purchased and watched Season 3. Now I have a BURNING desire to read Michael/Ben fic because those two are so fricking cute together and SUKI IS IN LOVE!!!

So, who on my flist is into the QAF fandom, either versions? Any Vince recs? And where can I find decent US QAF communities and fic? Is the Michael/Ben pairing popular at all? Where can I get icons? I need a beginners guide! And does anyone know when season 4 and 5 will be released in the UK?

Someone feed my obsession!!!
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Suspension by [livejournal.com profile] leofuller and [livejournal.com profile] the9thdoctor

Every decision made changes the future. For better or worse, Ianto wakes up in a universe where he never had a chance to hide Lisa in the basement – A universe where he died in the wreckage of Canary Wharf and somebody else went to Cardiff with a deadly secret...

Plotty, interesting and sweet.


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